3-in-1 convertible, all-in-one laptop and new products for the pros: all the announcements from HP

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3-in-1 convertible, all-in-one laptop and new products for the pros: all the announcements from HP

Picture: June Wan/ZDNET.

The first Imagine 2023 conference was held this week. HP announced there, through the voice of its CEO Enrique Lores and other executives, its roadmap and its upcoming products for 2024. Among them, new devices of course, but also accessories for content creation as well as customer service solutions. The company also presented its plans to integrate AI into its laptops and desktops, both for the general public and for companies.

HP Spectre Fold, the 3-in-1 convertible PC

Alex Cho, president of personal systems and solutions, presented to the audience the latest peripherals and devices as well as the upcoming novelties of the brand. He started by announcing the HP Spectre Fold 3-in-1 convertible PC, which has a 17-inch screen and can be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary 2-in-1 laptop, with its discreet keyboard and compact design. But the keyboard can be removed, revealing the second half of the main screen and automatically turning the device into an all-in-one desktop computer. The Spectre Fold PC is available from 5,999 euros.

Picture: June Wan/ZDNET.

Alex Cho also announced the HP Envy Move, an ultra-portable all-in-one PC. Equipped with a 23.8-inch screen, an integrated handle, it has a four-hour battery life and a storage pouch on the back, provided for the included keyboard, of normal size with an integrated touchpad. The HP Envy Move will be equipped with a 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor, a RAM of up to 16 GB and a storage space of up to 1 TB. While waiting to find out its price and to be able to order it in France, it is already available in the United States at the price of 899 dollars.

Vision S, a webcam designed for streamers

The HP executive then presented the latest offers from HyperX, the branch of HP specialized in gaming peripherals. Best known for its headsets, mice and keyboards, it plans to tackle content creation with the Vision S webcam and the Audio Mixer interface.

Vision S is equipped with a Sony Starvix IMX415 8 megapixel sensor to obtain a 4K resolution at 30 fps, or HD 1080p at 60 fps. The chassis of the webcam is made of aluminum, and it has a magnetic cover designed for durability and protection against spying.

Close-up of a HyperX Vision S webcam perched on a computer screen. Picture: Taylor Clemons/HyperX/ZDNET.

The HyperX Audio Mixer interface has been designed for streamers, podcasters and other content creators. But it can also be suitable for amateurs who want to improve their productions. It can be connected to XLR or USB microphones as well as a 3.5mm audio input, allowing you to create custom EQ settings for multiple devices and for the main audio.

The HyperX Vision S webcam is available at a price of 259.99 euros, while the Audio Mixer interface will be launched at the beginning of the year 2024.

HP on the pro market

Alex Cho then concluded by presenting a partnership between HP and Poly for the creation of webcams, headsets and speakers for conferences and corporate collaboration.

Dave Shull, President of Workforce Solutions, then spoke to highlight the brand’s solutions for hybrid work, including HP’s first-ever refurbished device resale program.

He also presented AI-assisted programs designed to help professionals and to perform multiple tasks – from compiling complex chains of code or calculations to assist data scientists to creating notes to summarize a missed meeting.

Picture: HP/ZDNET.

HP SitePrint, the printer robot designed for construction

Tuan Tran, in charge of imaging and printing solutions, closed the Imagine 2023 conference by announcing the latest HP printers designed for businesses.

In particular, he presented the HP SitePrint, a robot printer designed to quickly and accurately draw up construction plans on site in order to reduce the risk of errors or delays.

The company has teamed up with Lecia Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble to ensure that the SitePrint robot is compatible with existing surveying equipment and navigation systems.

Its price and release date are currently unknown for several countries, including France. But Tuan Tran announced that the printer robot will first be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where it will be available from November 1st.

Source: ZDNet.com

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