Adecco and Microsoft hire generative AI full-time on employment and its future

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Adecco and Microsoft hire generative AI full-time on employment and its future

He emphasized it during the AI For Finance conference. Generative artificial intelligence will have a certain impact on the work of employees in bank branches. For Jean-Paul Mazoyer, deputy General Manager of Crédit Agricole S.A. in charge of the Technology and Digital division, it is therefore imperative to anticipate and train.

The employment actors, like Adecco, share this observation. The company thus announces the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft on the specific subject of GenAI. In summary, four pillars and objectives.

Gen AI at the center of the future of work

This partnership between the two companies aims to support the responsible and ethical use of GenAI in business; the promotion of inclusive use; to accelerate its adoption to close skills gaps; the co-development of products to create new jobs and professional transition.

This merger also serves the direct needs of Adecco. The interim specialist wishes to acquire a platform embedded with generative AI. The use of these AI models aims to evaluate the skills, strengths and areas of improvement of employees.

“She will also provide personalized career advice, coaching services, micro-learning and skills improvement”” says the statement from the Swiss-based actor.

Maintaining employability in the age of AI

For Denis Machuel, the group’s CEO, the use of IAGen is already widespread in the world of work, thus affecting 70% of assets according to an internal study. However, access to training and orientation would remain an obstacle.

“Our vision is to allow all individuals to continue to update their skills and improve their employability in the era of GenAI”” he says to explain the agreement reached with Microsoft.

For both partners, it is therefore a question of preparing workers at a time when generative AI is reshaping the workforce. But these changes also require Adecco to transform itself. The company is already using AI, in particular in order to improve the match between the skills of candidates and the expectations of employers.

With Akkodis, the group is developing its technological skills in data analysis and AI. In relation to Microsoft, the actor aims to integrate “more GenAI into its systems, processes and products.”

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