Adobe: a new generative AI tool to revolutionize video editing

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Adobe: a new generative AI tool to revolutionize video editing

Image: Adobe.

Adobe’s editing applications – Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere in mind – are essential working tools for many creators. To help them optimize their daily work, Adobe is committed to using generative AI in full development. And video editors, in particular, could benefit from valuable help.

Project Fast Fill

At its annual Adobe MAX conference, focused on creation, Adobe presented Project Fast Fill, a tool that facilitates the editing of videos through simple prompts.

More precisely, this tool would make it possible to delete or add an object, or even to modify background elements in a few seconds using a simple prompt, whereas these tasks today require a significant amount of editing work.

The company specifies that Project Fast Fill exploits its famous generative filling to integrate generative AI into its video editing applications.

Facilitate video editing

During the event, the demonstrations of the brand highlighted different potential uses.

In a first example, Gabriel Huang, a research engineer at Adobe, simply and very cleanly deleted people in the background of a video :

Image: Adobe.

The engineer then proposed another example, where he removes his tie from a man walking towards the camera. And this, by simply entering the text “tie” in the generative filling tool after selecting the collar area :

Generative Fill video

Image: Adobe.

In both cases, the generative filling proposed four different video results, among which Gabriel Huang was able to choose to develop his final product.

Moreover, when the editing is performed on a single frame of the video, as for a photo, the tool automatically applies the change to all the frames of the video. It also automatically adapts to changes in lighting, shadows, object movements, etc.

An overview of future technologies

Unfortunately, these demonstrations were only a preview of the potential of Project Fast Fill – Adobe has therefore not announced an availability date.

The brand specifies that these previews correspond to “cutting-edge experimental technologies that could one day become features of Adobe products”.

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