AI-generated songs: Spotify will not delete all content

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AI-generated songs: Spotify will not delete all content

If we were wondering how the music streaming giant Spotify plans to manage AI content, we got some answers today.

Just after an interview in which its CEO said that the company was not going to remove all the AI-generated content from the platform, but only the songs that impersonate a real artist, Spotify announced a feature based on artificial intelligence that allows you to translate a podcast recorded in English into other languages with the original voice of the speaker.

In an interview with BBC News, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that artificial intelligence in the music world is an issue that will be debated for a long time. In recent months, AI-generated content, such as Elvis singing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hit “Baby Got Back” or Drake and The Weeknd collaborating on “Heart on My Sleeve”, have gone viral on TikTok. These songs were downloaded and then removed from Spotify.

Impersonating the animators

But AI-based songs still have a place on Spotify.

This technology has valid uses, Ek said. Songs that impersonate a person without their consent will be removed, but “intermediate songs”, which can simply be inspired by an artist, or songs generated entirely by AI, can remain.

At the same time, Spotify is implementing a feature for podcasts that allows you to impersonate the hosts. The difference, of course, is that these creators have given their consent.

Trevor Noah and The Ringer podcasts coming soon in French

This tool is one of the first to use OpenAI’s new voice generation function, which has just announced new capabilities for ChatGPT, allowing a person’s voice to be reproduced from a sample of a few seconds of their speech.

This means that users could be able to listen to a podcast in their language while maintaining the style and nuances specific to the creators. “We believe that a thoughtful approach to AI can help build deeper connections between listeners and creators,” wrote Ziad Sultan, vice president of personalization at Spotify, “a key part of Spotify’s mission to unlock the potential of human creativity”.

The podcasts of Trevor Noah and The Ringer should soon be available in French.

This feature is available to all Spotify users, whether they are free or premium. A complete list of translated works is available on the “Voice Translation” page of Spotify.

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