Apple Vision Pro in stores on February 2nd, here’s what we find in the box

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Apple Vision Pro in stores on February 2nd, here's what we find in the box

So the rumors were well and truly founded. Apple has just announced the availability of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in the United States on February 2, with pre-orders starting on January 19.

The Apple Vision Pro will be marketed from $ 3,500 for the version with 256 GB of storage, as Apple announced at WWDC 2023.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had previously indicated that he expected Apple to make this announcement this week in an attempt to steal the show at CES 2024, the world’s largest consumer technology show, in which Apple never participates.

Opening a gap in the world of space computing

Apple’s mixed reality headset hopes to open a gap in the world of spatial computing, that is to say a way to seamlessly mix digital content and the physical world.

Thanks to VisionOS, the Apple Vision Pro can be controlled by eye and hand movements and by voice, which allows users to interact with more than a million applications available in the new Vision Pro App Store.

“The age of space computing has arrived,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created. Its revolutionary and magical user interface will redefine the way we connect, create and explore.”

Two different strap systems

It is also on the occasion of this announcement that we learn for the first time what buyers will be able to find in the box of the Apple Vision Pro. Apple indicates that the device comes with a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band, a Light Seal, two Light Seal Cushions, a cover for the front side, a battery, a USB-C charging cable and a power adapter, as well as a polishing cloth.


The Apple Vision Pro with a Solo knit strap, which will be included in the box. Apple

The inclusion of a Solo Knit Band bracelet and a Dual Loop Band headband will allow buyers to find the solution that suits them best, the first being thicker and wrapping around the back of the head, while the Dual Loop Band headband has two thinner straps that wrap around the top and back of the head.


The Dual Loop Band will also be delivered with every Apple Vision Pro. Apple

Apple also announced that the ZEISS optical inserts will be available at a price of $99, while the corrective lenses will cost $149.

Generalize spatial computing and mixed reality

Apple’s first device in the mixed reality category, the Apple Vision Pro hopes to keep the great promises made when it was announced.

Apple wants the Vision Pro headset to be at the origin of the generalization of spatial computing and mixed reality, thanks to seamless integrations with other Apple devices, intuitive interactions through gestures and voice, and immersive environments without clutter.

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