Apple Watch Series 9: here are the 4 novelties that we are excited about

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  Apple Watch Series 9: here are the 4 novelties that we are excited about

We have been waiting for months for Apple to launch a new line of iPhones. But the new Apple Watch is also eagerly awaited. The Apple Watch and, more recently, the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple’s flagship smartwatch product, have become the favorite fitness tracking devices for iPhone users.

But beyond fitness, the Apple Watch expands the Apple ecosystem. It works as an extension of your iPhone, giving you access to many applications and games available for the smartphone.

Apple had already made a lot of noise for Apple Watch updates with watchOS 10, the latest version of the watch’s operating system. But even if customers welcome the software changes, the new exclusive features of the 9 Series attract just as much attention.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is available from €449, with pre-orders starting today, and will be available on September 22nd.

1. Double-tap function

The Apple Watch Series 9 will allow you to control it by simply tapping twice on your index finger and your thumb. This is an innovative step forward in terms of accessibility. Series 9 users will be able to answer and end calls, stop timers, put alarms on hold, play and pause music, and much more, simply by double tapping on two fingers of the hand wearing the Watch.

Gif of Apple Watch series 9


This is possible thanks to an algorithm that combines the data collected by the accelerometer, gyroscope and heart sensor to detect changes in hand movement when users tap their index finger and thumb together twice in a short period of time.

When the Apple Watch Series 9 is on the home screen, users can double-tap to access the smart battery, then double-tap again to scroll through the widgets.

2. A new S9&#13 chip;

Apple Watch against black background


Although the Apple Watch Series 9 has a large edge-to-edge display, it is what is found inside that impresses. Because the Apple Watch Series 9 is also equipped with a new Apple Silicon processor, the S9 SiP, which is the same chip as that of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The redesigned Apple Watch processor has 5.6 billion transistors for a 30% faster GPU, which makes animations and effects on the watch smoother.

Equipped with a second-generation ultra-wide band chip, the Apple Watch Series 9 now tells you the distance and direction of your iPhone when you try to find it, even if it is in another room. It also offers new HomePod integrations, allowing you to control nearby HomePods when you approach them.

The 9 Series is also more efficient in speech processing, since it is 25% more accurate in dictation.

3. More detailed Siri prompts

Apple Watch Series 9 specs on black background


The SiP S9’s 4-core neural engine makes it possible to make smarter Siri requests, which are now processed on the Watch without depending on the cloud or cellular connectivity. So the answers from the voice assistant are faster and, hopefully, more accurate.

Users will also benefit from a new Siri integration with the Health app, which will facilitate access to health data through Siri. Apple Watch Series 9 users can ask Siri “How many hours did I sleep last night?”or ask him to record a workout. This feature is available in English and Mandarin, and will be extended to other languages in the future.

4. A new look

Five Apple Watch Series 9 bands


The Apple Watch Series 9 is now available in a new pink aluminum case. This is a simple change that was widely expected and requested.

Consumers will have the choice between an Apple Watch Series 9 in pink, starlight, silver, midnight or Product(Red) aluminum. A stainless steel version will also be available in gold and graphite.

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