ChatGPT: here are 14 bots specialized by OpenAI to help you in specific tasks

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ChatGPT: here are 14 bots specialized by OpenAI to help you in specific tasks

Paid ChatGPT subscribers who want to test the custom GPT chatbots announced this week by OpenAI can get started. During its Dev Day last Monday, the company explained that subscribers could create their own ChatGPT chatbots for specific tasks. And although this option is not yet available, 14 GPTs created by OpenAI are already operational and allow users to see how this new technology works.

Some of these specialized GPTs should be familiar to any ChatGPT user. For example, there is one for DALL-E that can generate images from your text description.

Another for ChatGPT Classic uses the latest version of GPT-4 for standard chat without additional frills. But the others are devoted to very specific tasks

Data analysis

Drop any file into the prompt to analyze and visualize your data.

Game Time

Quickly explain the rules of board games, board games or card games to players of all ages.

The negotiator

A chatbot to defend your interests and achieve better results during negotiations. Become a great negotiator.

Creative writing coach

Give your text to the chatbot and receive tips to improve your writing skills.

Cosmic Dream (Cosmic Dream)

A visionary painter to create digital visuals.

Technical Support Advisor (Tech Support Advisor)

From installing a printer to troubleshooting a digital device, this chatbot is here to help you step by step.

Coloring Book Hero

Take any idea and turn it into a fantasy coloring book of several pages.

Laundry buddy

A chatbot to whom to ask for information on everything related to problem resolutions (how to remove specific tasks, settings, sorting) in the field of laundry.

The head chef (Sous Chef)

Recipe suggestions based on the foods you like and the ingredients you have at home.

Sticker Whiz

I’ll help you turn your wildest dreams into die-cut stickers, shipped right to your door.

Math Mentor

A chatbot that helps parents to help their children in mathematics. Need a refresher at 21 o’clock on proofs in geometry? He is there for you.

Hot Mods

A chatbot that modifies your image to make it something really wild. Upload an image and let’s go!

Cocktail mixologist

A chatbot that offers cocktail recipes with the ingredients that you have on hand.

genz 4 meme

Great promise: This chatbot helps you understand the jargon and the latest memes used by Generation Z.

OpenAI's custom GPT chatbots


Most custom GPT chatbots created by OpenAI offer sample questions that you can submit to start testing them. With The Negotiator, you can ask him to play the role of a salary negotiation or a negotiation for the purchase of a car. For the laundry assistant, you can ask him how to wash a gray hoodie with white linen in cold water or how to remove a coffee stain. As for the mixologist, he may ask you to prepare a virgin mojito or a mocktail with pineapple as an ingredient.

How to use OpenAI’s custom chatbots

Alternatively, you can imagine your own questions and requests to challenge each chatbot. I asked Game Time how to play bridge, Math Monitor to explain Pi and genz 4 even to define the term retcon. In each case, the chatbot provided a clear and useful answer. As for the standard ChatGPT template, I could answer with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, copy and paste the answer, or ask the chatbot to provide a different answer.

The ability to use these personalized ChatGPT and create your own is only available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers who pay $20 per month. If you are a subscriber and would like to try them out, go to the ChatGPT website, click on your name at the bottom of the left pane, then select MyGPTs. From the list, choose the one you want to use and submit your question or request.

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