DALL-E 3 available for free on Bing Chat

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DALL-E 3 available for free on Bing Chat

DALL-E 3 now powers Bing’s image creator and it is more powerful than ever. Screenshot: Maria Diaz/ZDNET via DALL-E 3

Look at this wonderful image above. It was created using DALL-E 3 via the Bing image creator with the prompt “a Komodo dragon lying on a dark green plush pillow on the floor of a mansion”.

Yes because Microsoft has just announced that DALL-E 3 is available for free in Bing Chat or with the Bing image generator.

Created by OpenAI, DALL-E 3 is the latest version of a text-image model from the company and promises to improve the details of images and the accuracy of faces, text and even human hands.

Best of all on understanding complex prompt

Microsoft has been using what it called a more advanced version of DALL-E 2 in Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator, but today’s announcement seems to confirm that the company has not been using DALL-E 3 until now. Even if the images created with Bing were superior to those created directly with DALL-E 2, today’s update greatly improves the quality of the images, as shown in the diagram below.


Before the update of DALL-E 3 (on the left) and after the general availability of DALL-E 3 (on the right). Screenshot: Maria Diaz/ZDNET

The images on the left were created with Bing Image Creator before the integration of DALL-E 3, while the ones on the right were created with the same prompt after Microsoft’s announcement. Before the update, the creature looked like a stuffed animal on a scooter. With DALL-E 3, the images on the right are more detailed and more photorealistic.

OpenAI, also creator of ChatGPT, has improved the aesthetics of the images emitted by the model, as well as the consistency and speed of tracking. These changes make the images generated by DALL-E 3 more consistent with prompt requests, so that users can provide more details than before in their prompts without fear of confusing the model.

In addition to producing more prompt-compliant images, Microsoft recently announced that images created with Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat will include an invisible digital watermark indicating the date and time of creation, in order to confirm that the image was generated by AI.

Source: “ZDNet.com “

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