eBay’s new “magic” AI tool writes product descriptions from a simple photo

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  The new AI tool

Online second-hand goods sales sites are a great way to get rid of objects that you no longer want, while making money. However, putting an object up for sale can be a lot of work. And eBay’s new artificial intelligence tool can make it easier for you.

Last Thursday, eBay announced its new product referencing tool, which uses AI to automatically generate a product description from a simple photo.

The user only needs to take a photo for the AI to fill in the information related to the item, including titles, descriptions, product release dates and subcategories. The AI even offers a price and shipping costs for the item.

For now only on iOS

This tool will be available in the eBay app for iOS users only. However, in its blog post, the company indicates that it is looking forward to offering this feature to everyone soon.

During a first version, this magic referencing tool took a title entered by the user and converted it into a product description. This first version has generated positive reactions, according to the blog post, since 30% of American sellers using the application have tried the function at least once a day, and more than 95% of users who have tried it have chosen to use the descriptions generated by the AI.

The objective of these generative AI assistants is to eliminate certain constraints that prevent people from putting items up for sale. Like not knowing where to start. “This addresses what we call the ‘starting from scratch’ problem, where first-time sellers can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to create a competitive description,” eBay said in the blog post. “With AI, there is no need to start from scratch: as soon as you are ready to sell, your ad is ready to be published”.

How it works for real

Having recently put products on sale on second-hand sites to make room in my wardrobe, I was intrigued by this feature and decided to test it.

I had to download the app, create an account and start a list. For the product photo, I took a photo of my Hydroflask. Then, for the description, I clicked on the AI-automatic option and I was impressed by the results.

This Hydro Flask water bottle is a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures. Made with high-quality materials, it guarantees that your drink stays cold or hot for hours. It has a secure lid to prevent leaks and spills, which makes it perfect for hiking, camping or just for everyday use.

With its stylish design and durable construction, this water bottle is a must for anyone who loves outdoor activities. It is available in a variety of colors and has the Hydro Flask logo on the front. Whether you are a hiker, camper or simply looking for a reliable water bottle, this Hydro Flask will meet your needs.

Photo background removal tool

As shown in the text above, the tool generated two paragraphs of correct text describing the uses of a Hydroflask bottle, with correct grammar and almost resembling a description that would be found on the manufacturer’s website. If I had to put an ad, I would have felt comfortable using this description.

In its blog post, eBay also announces the addition of a tool for removing the background from photos. And it works. With a single click, the tool deleted the background of my living room and replaced it with a crisp white backdrop.

Overall, these tools make it easier for sellers to work. And it is particularly impressive to see an e-commerce company as old as eBay evolve its platform to take into account the latest technologies.

Source: “ZDNet.com “

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