Envy Move 24″ Test: the all-in-one PC that combines judgment and movement

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Envy Move 24

This is an attention-grabbing machine! The HP Envy Move 24″ is a very special all-in-one computer, even beyond its beautiful design. The aptly named device is designed to be easily moved around your home, from the living room floor (yes!) at his work table dedicated to teleworking. Enough to go without problems from a yoga or fitness stretching exercise session discovered on YouTube to writing a report with your favorite software and software packages.

The technical characteristics of the HP Envy Move 24’

  • System : Windows 11
  • Processor :Intel Core i5-1335U (13th generation) at 1.30 GHz

  • Screen : Touch, 24″, 2560×1440, refresh rate 75 Hz
  • Graphics card : Intel UHD
  • RAM : 16 GB

  • Storage : 500 GB (tested model)

  • Ports : 1 USB Type-A (10 Gbps), 1 USB Type-C, (10 Gbps) DisplayPort 1.4a compatible, HDMI 1.4b
  • Wireless links : Wifi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3
  • Accessory : HP 720 Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad

  • Power Supply : mains and built-in battery

  • Price : 1400 € (configuration of the tested model)

A clever machine

The main attraction of the Envy Move is really the way you lift it up and put it down without wondering if the single-block machine will hold its balance, or break its face. A simple handle on the back of the screen allows you to move it. When rising, both feet pivot, moving from a position perpendicular to the screen to a longitudinal position.

Two small pegs, freed from the weight of the computer, then spring out, like springs, under the screen. The computer stands “upright” on its own. There is no need to think, it’s automatic. It’s great and awesomely simple. From the “low-tech” associated with the “high-tech”.

Congratulations, the HP design office has shown boldness.
In the same spirit, the wireless keyboard (Bluetooth), HP 720, associated with this all-in-one can be stored in a pocket made of thick fabrics located at the back of the machine. As if it were a kangaroo that would carry its little one! A real all-in-one! Can we make it simpler? No need here to clip or fix the keyboard somewhere, nor to press any button to make the feet come out.

The HP Envy Move 24″ all-in-one computer seen from the back, Ph. Moctar KANE/ZDNet France.

And the icing on the cake, this makes this all-in-one PC a home or office walkman: yes, it integrates a battery!

The refined white-beige aesthetic of the set is also successful. The same fabric as the pocket on the back to house the keyboard covers the speakers (Bang & Olufsen) located at the bottom of the screen.

A touchpad that leaves something to be desired

But on this keyboard, we have a mixed opinion after several weeks of testing. Its very large touchpad is practical, especially for quickly switching from one program to another, by sliding three fingers on its surface. But how dry is it when it comes to making a right click! It cannot compete with the efficiency of a mouse. The typing is rather correct, but does not reach the top of the ranking. Note, the absence of a numeric keypad: priority has been given to the touchpad.

The screen is one of the highlights of this HP Envy Move. First, it is tactile. It is a wise choice, for the leisure side of this machine, which can be assimilated to a huge tablet. Remember, you have an appointment with your body in the middle of your living room, it is demanding its dose of exercises. You follow yoga or fitness videos in succession. Digital interaction on the screen will probably be more convenient for you in this viewing situation than using a keyboard, right?

The quality of the images is very satisfactory, thanks among other things to a satisfactory brightness of the colors and a good contrast.
Placed on the floor, far from a socket, the Envy Move will broadcast videos and other multimedia content to you during long sessions.

Large screen, large battery

The manufacturer announced an autonomy of 4 hours. During our usual test of video playback (4K) on full screen, with the brightness and volume set to maximum, we timed about 3:15! This is lower than the autonomy of many laptops, but for a computer for indoor use, it is satisfactory.

On the work side, with such a screen size, almost 24’, it’s a treat to have this HP Envy Move 24’ under your eyes. Thanks in particular to the multi-windowing. Certainly, the configuration of the Envy does not reach, on paper, the seventh heaven, it is an Intel Core i5 processor (of the 13th generation), associated with an Intel UHD graphics card, but the results in use were convincing.

For example, it was possible to run on four windows that shared the screen the One Note software, the LibreOffice office automation program, and two playback videos, one from the YouTube site, a second locally via the Multimedia Player software. We also appreciated, in double windowing, being able to write the text of this test on one side of the screen, while being able to consult the notes on the OneNote software open on the other side. This serves to have a large 24″ screen at 2560×1440 definition!

Our opinion on the HP Envy Move 24″ all-in-one computer

This HP Envy Move 24″ PC is a great success. Overall very pleasant to use. In the family as well as professional context, especially for the self-employed, it should please and be useful to many people.

However, we would have preferred a slightly more generous wired connection, at least a second USB-C socket. Why didn’t HP offer, in France at least, several configurations, including one with a richer connection, a larger storage than the 500 GB of the tested copy?

In any case, congratulations for choosing a bold and effective design for use. Hats off.

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