Gen Z is not threatened by generative AI at work, but is not ready to adopt it

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Gen Z is not threatened by generative AI at work, but is not ready to adopt it

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been part of the world of work for decades, whether it’s deep learning in voice assistants or new features in business software. But generative AI has just been integrated on a large scale in the workplace, which raises fears about its consequences on the job market. One group, however, is not frightened.

Generation Z, which includes the youngest in the workforce, is not threatened by generative AI. Most members of Generation Z (59%) say they are not afraid that generative AI will replace their job, but only 48% feel ready for their employer to adopt generative AI in their daily work.

Along with the rise of generative AI, we are also witnessing an evolution of the workforce. The post-pandemic job market has welcomed many young professionals from Generation Z who started their careers while the baby boomers were retiring.

70% of Generation Z uses generative AI tools

Adobe has just published its Future Workforce study, which collected the responses of 1,011 members of Generation Z who worked in a medium or large company for three years. Generation Z includes people born between 1997 and 2012.

The study explored the ideas of Generation Z about the integration of generative AI at work and how Generation Z perceives the workplace. And she’s not entirely optimistic. Generation Z understands the inevitable presence of generative AI in the workplace, but only 23% of respondents were enthusiastic about its implementation in the workplace.

Half of the respondents have already used generative AI to help them in their work, and 70% of Generation Z use generative AI tools. However, only 35% of the survey participants said that their employer had established guidelines on the use of generative AI in the workplace.

The big question of social responsibility

Many large companies such as Samsung and Google have put in place guidelines and restrictions regarding the use of popular AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, and other generative AI tools, for fear of data leaks.

However, the implementation of regulations for the responsible use of AI goes beyond restricting AI tools and enters the field of ethics and social responsibility. According to the study, Generation Z advocates in this direction.

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