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Meta ends the year with good news. Its Reels format exceeds TikTok’s performance when we look at the number of views. To understand what is currently working on social networks, the company Emplifi analyzed thousands of brand publications on the three platforms and it emerges that the Reels have much more visibility. The longest videos are also the most efficient.

The data speak for themselves and we can see that the longer the content lasts, the wider the gap between Reels and TikTok. Despite the growing notoriety of the Chinese social network, Instagram was able to steal the spotlight by “copying” its format. Obviously, this is a study on branded content and we should not generalize the trend towards publications from Mr. or mrs. everyone.

If we are interested in Facebook, the trend is the same with Reel visibility three times higher than the average number of views of other video formats. So we guess that the Meta algorithm has something to do with it. Facebook Instagram is a social media platform that aims to increase reach and engagement, whether on Facebook or on Instagram. The final objective is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible, rather than seeing them zap the competition.

Nevertheless, the Emplifi study emphasizes that it doesn’t all come down to Reels alone. On Instagram, stories remain very important to drain traffic to his account and especially his content. Like a good recipe, it is therefore a combination of Stories and Reels that seems to be the most successful today.

Web marketing professionals must be aware of this in order to build effective and high-performance content strategies. All the elements are there to make it work: the general public is fond of the format and the platforms are highlighting it.

As long as it lasts … until the arrival of a new innovative format!

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