iOS 17.0.3 did not solve overheating problems for everyone

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iOS 17.0.3 did not solve overheating problems for everyone

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After the release of the iOS 17.0.3 update, the iPhone 15 overheating problems seemed to be solved. Unfortunately, many iPhone 15 Pro still encounter the same problems, as I could read in your many testimonials.

Among the many messages from readers that I received, no one mentioned an overheating problem when using fast charging – the problem that I was personally experiencing with my iPhone. So it could be that this problem is solved.

Overheating can occur during phone calls, playing games, listening to music or using the camera – normal use, all in all. Here is a panel of user reactions following the iOS 17.0.3 update.

Case n°1: Overheating problems continue after the update

The testimonies that I have been able to read mainly come from social networks. So it’s difficult to check them all. But I was able to contact one of these people, who provided me with evidence of the overheating suffered by his iPhone.

This is Gabriel Suchowolski, a graphic designer from Madrid, Spain, who recently bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max. He previously owned an iPhone 13 Pro which, according to him, only heated up a little during a slightly long call, or when he was playing a demanding game in terms of graphics. The new iPhone 15 Pro Max, on the other hand, heats up a lot: “It’s not hot to the point of burning me, but rather hot like a slice of toast. [La chaleur vient de] the area to the right of the camera lenses and to the side, near the volume buttons. “This overheating usually appears during phone calls lasting more than a minute and when taking four or five photos in a row. And despite the installation of the new update, the problem persists for Gabriel Suchowolski.

The graphic designer was able to measure the temperature of his iPhone 15 Pro Max during overheating: the thermometer indicated 42 degrees.

Beyond the high temperature, the graphic designer also noticed a strange burning of the screen, as shown in the photo below. A Twitter user reported the same problem on his iPhone


Picture: Gabriel Suchowolski.

Here are some of the testimonies that I have been able to read :

“My 15 pro max still heats up too much, even after the update. I’m listening to music with my AirPods (phone in the pocket) and it’s getting really hot. »

“The iPhone 15 Pro Max heats up when it’s in my pocket. I have never had a problem with my iPhone 11. I should have stuck to that. »

Case n°2: New overheating problems appear with the update

For Sam Harman, at the head of a team of engineers in the UK, the problem is different: his iPhone started to heat up after the new iOS 17.0.3 update. Since then, his iPhone has been overheating when he takes photos or videos.

The user TotalMacMove also reports on the MacRumors forum an overheating problem that occurred after the last update. He says that his iPhone 15 Pro started to heat up while he was using MagSafe fast charging with a Belkin 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro. He specifies that he has been using this charger for three years without any problems, and that everything was fine during the first two weeks of using the new iPhone 15 Pro. But after installing iOS 17.0.3, he says that he woke up one morning “with my phone at 68% and several alerts indicating that the charge had been interrupted due to a too high temperature”. “I tried to charge my phone again via MagSafe. After 30 minutes, I got the same temperature warning and so I plugged it in with a 20W Apple charging cable/block. It was too hot this morning, but it charged to 100% without any warning,” he continues.

Case n°3: Overheating problems are solved by updating

Many users also testify to the resolution of their overheating problems with iOS 17.0.3. This is particularly the case of my colleague Dwight Silverman.

“The update solved my problems. For a few hours after installation, the phone seemed hot to me, but it was probably related to the usual optimization of iOS after installing an update. Now it works fine, and it may be even hotter than my old iPhone 14 Pro Max. And the battery life seems better. I also updated Instagram, which was apparently one of the main triggers for the iOS bug,” he says.

What to do about overheating problems?

Apple stands by its recent statements about the causes of iPhone overheating :

  • The new titanium frame and aluminum substructure improve heat dissipation.
  • Third-party applications can overload the processor and cause the phone to heat up more than normal. Apple is working to identify these applications and work with software developers to find solutions.
  • The use of a charger with more than 20 W leads to a temporary increase in the temperature of the iPhone, but this phenomenon is normal and does not pose any danger.
  • All iOS devices are equipped with overheating protections that prevent the devices from heating up to the point of posing an injury or safety risk.

The future will tell us if Apple modifies its statements or if the previous testimonies are on the margins, and correspond to some failing iPhones.

If you are still experiencing overheating problems, you can download the Apple Support app on your iPhone to report them. You will be able to give details, contact a technical advisor by message or make an appointment to have your device examined.


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