Livebox 7: What’s new for the pros in the new Orange box?

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Livebox 7: What's new for the pros in the new Orange box?

Orange announced last week the arrival on the market of the new version of its box, the Livebox 7. Since 2019 with the launch of the Livebox 5, then in 2022 with the Livebox 6, Orange offers the same box for consumer and professional customers, with different features and performance for these two populations.

The Livebox 7 is XGS-PON compatible, and therefore offers different data rates for professional customers and consumer customers.

Orange claims that business customers could benefit from 8 Gbit/s in downlink and 2 Gbit/s in uplink. For individuals, the speed should increase up to 5 Gbit /s in downlink speed and 1 Gbit /s in uplink speed. Of course these performances depend on eligibility.

Rising flow rates

For comparison, the Livebox 6, which is still on the market, offers speeds of up to 2 Gb / s down and 800 Mb / s up for the general public and up to 1 Gb / s up for pros.

Just like with its previous box, the Livebox 6, this new box embeds Wi-Fi 6E wireless protocol side, which offers 3 different frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz), making it possible to connect several devices with significant latency performance.

Orange assures that the Livebox 6 and Livebox 7 are also equipped with the so-called “Smart WiFi” technology, which reduces the saturation of the wifi automatically. The smart WiFi detects the best access point nearby, box or repeater, so that you can move anywhere at home without connection problems”.

New offers named Livebox Pro Fiber and Open Pro Fiber

For professional customers, the box is offered in new offers named Livebox Pro Fiber and Open Pro Fiber.

This box “thanks to its specific configuration”, according to Orange, makes it possible to associate “2 lines for voice, alarm uses” and “to configure certain advanced services such as the nomadic VPN”.

Orange specifies that these offers for professionals also include :

  • The “triple backup” function (internet, voice and mobile) with the continuity of internet access via the mobile network (Airbox Comfort Pro), and “the emergency number so as not to lose any call”, as well as the “mobile loan (Open Pro Fiber offer)”.
  • “The installation of fiber and equipment”, “the optimization of internet connectivity” and “support in the uses via a 30-minute telephone appointment with Orange Experts”.

The price battle of Pro offers

For new Orange Fiber Pro customers, the Livebox Pro Fiber offer is offered from € 48 excl. TAX/ month for 12 months then €55 EXCL. TAX/ month according to the operator.

For comparison, SFR Business offers for professionals a “Connect Access” offer offers a speed of up to 2Gb/s (descending) and 500Mb/s (ascending) for € 60 excl. tax / month, then € 70 excl. tax / month. The “Connect Plus 8G” offer offers a fiber throughput of up to 8GB / s symmetrical for € 130 excluding VAT / month.

On the Bouygues Telecom Business side, the “FTTH Shared Enterprise Fiber” offer is available from € 62 excluding VAT / month for a quote up to 1 Gbps down and up. The “FTTO Dedicated Enterprise Fiber” offer, starting at € 389 excluding VAT / month, ensures a speed of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps symmetrical.

The Free Pro offer, available for € 39.99 excluding VAT / month for 1 year then € 49.99 excluding VAT / month, ensures a speed of up to 7 Gbit / s in reception and up to 1 Gbit / s in transmission.

What’s new for the general public?

As for durability, the Livebox 7 has been designed “in such a way as to be easily repairable, with a 100% recycled and recyclable shell and offers the possibility of setting up a standby mode to reduce energy consumption” details the operator.

This Livebox 7 is also offered to general public customers. For this population, Orange offers a “Wi-Fi Serenity” service which includes “support by Wi-Fi specialists and up to 3 repeaters included” to optimize the coverage of the home by Wi-Fi. This offer is marketed at a price of € 39.99 / month for 6 months then € 57.99 / month for new customers.  The “Livebox Up Fiber” offer includes a repeater for its part. It is marketed at € 33.99 / month for 6 months then € 51.99 / month.

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