Qobra’s SaaS raises funds to industrialize commissions and trust

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Qobra's SaaS raises funds to industrialize commissions and trust

A Parisian startup founded in 2020, Qobra once again confirms the predominantly B2B presence of French software publishers. The startup with more than 100 corporate clients – including Doctolib, Payfit and SeLoger – also confirms that it knows how to raise funds.

In March 2022, it raised 5 million euros in seed funding. A little over a year later, Qobra has completed a new round of work. In series A, the publisher collects 10 million euros from the European VCS Singular and Breega.

Integration with the existing application and data sources

In a press release, the provider of a SaaS solution for managing variable incomes specifies that the financial operation was carried out by Singular, with the participation of the English of Revenue Syndicate and its historical investor Breega.

To convince investors and customers, Qobra can put forward several figures and arguments. First of all, a figure: 2000 to 3000 billion dollars. This corresponds to the annual global amount dedicated to the variable remuneration of sales representatives.

This figure is therefore also the potential market for the French startup. His observation is indeed that this amount is “rarely controlled”. When it comes to commission management, Excel files and manual entries have a hard time.

This lack of industrialization in the processing of variable remuneration translates into a cost, including in terms of trust – and ultimately motivation – within the sales teams. So much for the observation.

Streamlining information and ensuring trust

The answer to this problem is therefore a solution in SaaS mode – a classic among the business software offer – dedicated to the management of variable remuneration. The promise of its designer: to streamline the information on the entire payment chain.

At the key, Qobra also ensures that it participates in “aligning all the company’s stakeholders: Management, financial decision-makers, sales teams and human resources.”To facilitate the handling of its tool, it works in no code mode.

As for integration into the application landscape, the publisher highlights its compatibility with most of the CRM, ERP and HR software on the market. The asset is a data collected at the source and in real time, “making the calculation of commissions more reliable and thus limiting the margin of error.”

Automation of commission calculations for operations and finance, visibility of performance and the commissioning budget for managers, real-time monitoring for sales representatives … The startup aligns several professions around the same data.

Objective London then the United States

The startup wants to continue to align, but customer references this time. This is the purpose of its fundraising, which aims to finance the development of new functionalities, to strengthen its customer acquisition strategy and to fuel its international implementation.

“We are seeing a strong attraction from clients in different verticals, such as advertising agencies, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, real estate, financial services, insurance brokers, automotive …”, comments CEO, Antoine Fort.

And these customers are located in particular across the Channel. The internationalization will thus result in the opening of a London office at the beginning of 2024, which is intended to be an access gateway to the United States. With the ambition of rising to the rank of European leader, Qobra plans to double its workforce, from 30 to 60 employees during 2024.

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