TF1 renovates its advertising data through data collaboration and MyData

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TF1 renovates its advertising data through data collaboration and MyData

Marketing and advertising are naturally very fond of data. And regulation, through the GDPR, and browser policy, including the disappearance of third-party cookies programmed by Google, have turned their habits upside down.

The advertising industries are therefore profoundly evolving their skills and their data assets in the face of ever more demanding advertisers. TF1’s advertising department is also adapting to the market.

TF1 in the age of cookie-free

TF1 Pub is in charge of marketing the advertising spaces of the group’s channels and MYTF1, its streaming service. The management board is setting itself up for the “post-cookie era”. The data that cookies constitute is destined to disappear.

Vihan Sharma, EVP of LiveRamp, even calls them “obsolete signals”. Obsolescence which includes “third-party cookies”. The challenge for space owners is to adapt without giving up their advertising revenue.

For this, TF1 has chosen a strategic partnership with LiveRamp, a publisher presenting itself as a provider of a data collaboration platform. The two partners therefore join forces to launch MyData.

A Data Clean Room to process data

The launch is scheduled for October 2nd. MyData, so it
data Clean Room solution – which will be based on Safe s technology;
LiveRamp’s Haven. The principle of the Data Clean Room is to offer a
data exchange environment in a cookieless universe.

The promise of this approach is therefore to improve targeting and behavior analysis through a secure and confidential sharing of data, in particular between advertisers and advertising platforms.

TF1 Pub therefore opts for this transformation strategy with MyData. The group promises its advertisers access “to a neutral, secure and robust infrastructure, acting as a trusted third party in the 1st party data processing compliant with the GDPR.”

Through the solution, the company’s customers will be able to directly exploit their proprietary data, without losing control of it, or “without ever sharing or exposing their data.”The interest for these actors?

Data collaboration as a trajectory

“Brands will have new ways to measure the business impact of their branding campaigns as well as a better knowledge of their customers & prospects via activatable insights.”

With LiveRamp, TF1 Pub does not only want to connect its data and those of advertising brands. The group also aims to forge links and “facilitate exchanges with all the players in the advertising ecosystem.”

ISPs, advertisers, data providers, media retail specialists.., TF1 hopes to interconnect with everyone to offer a one-stop shop.

Its strategy: to rely on “data collaboration in order to increase the addressability of TF1 PUB’s video assets, both streaming and Segmented TV.”

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