The Apple Car without windows amuses the Internet a lot

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Apple has just obtained a patent for a virtual reality system integrated into a vehicle. One of the key points is the synchronization of the virtual world with the movements of the car. However, the mention of an autonomous car without windows immediately made Internet users react…

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Apple is very interested in virtual and augmented reality, and is currently preparing a headset that is highly anticipated. Obviously the firm does not intend to settle for a simple consumer headset. Spotted by the VRScout website, Apple has just obtained a patent for a VR system integrated into a

The patent describes a system intended for passengers which could take the form of a helmet or glasses, or then be directly integrated into the windowswindows. Apple intends to integrate the movementsmovements of the car into the virtual experience to increase immersion. The firm will use data from various sources, such as the vehicle’s internal and external sensors, including brakes, steering wheel and suspension, as well as world maps, cameras and any other device to create a unique virtual experience.

The integration of movements to combat motion sickness

It is easy to imagine that the device could create a fictional world generated around the route provided in the navigation system, where the user moves according to the position of the car in the real world. By taking into account the movements of the car, the physical sensations of the real world would be synchronized with the virtual content. Apple also points out that it will be able to help combat motion sickness, transport sickness caused by the difference between the movements perceived by the eyes and those felt by the body. The system could even detect signs of motion sickness in passengers and change the scrolling speed of the virtual landscape to match the real speed.

Of course, a virtual reality system can also be used for two-dimensional content, such as movies, books or a computer screen. The device can then project the content on a large screen at a distance that would place it outside the vehicle.

A self-driving car… without windows?

However, a small sentence seems to give indications on another Apple project, the Apple Car. The firm is working on a project for an electric car with an autonomous driving system. In the patent for its virtual reality device for cars, Apple indicates that “autonomous vehicles can have limited or even non-existent windows”. There is only one step to take to imagine that the future Apple Car will not have windows.

The news immediately caused a buzz, because the pun “no windows”, referring to the operating systemoperating system from Microsoft Microsoft, was too easy. English-speaking Internet users see it as a sign that Apple would have pushed its rivalry with Microsoft to its climax. The LetsGoDigital site immediately created a rendering of what an Apple Car without windows could look like, based on the shape of the Magic Mouse. The story is reminiscent of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric pickup that had made Internet users laugh when it was announced because of its very angular shape, recalling the quality of 3D games of the 1990s…

This is the first indication that Apple is working on a virtual reality system for vehicles. It is therefore impossible to estimate when it could be released, or even if it is a serious project that will see the light of day. As for the Apple Car, the latest estimates expect a launch in 2025.

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