The Baccarat crystal manufacturer victim of a computer attack

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The Baccarat crystal manufacturer victim of a computer attack

“Dear customers, dear customers, we are facing a technical incident. Online orders and deliveries are temporarily suspended.”Here is the message that is currently being displayed on the Baccarat luxury crystal manufacturer website. This ”symbol of the art of celebration and the joy of living in the French way”, created in 1764, is actually facing a computer hacking.

Teams mobilized

“Baccarat is the subject of a cyberattack that partially constrains its operation and activity, but the company continues to operate and the teams are mobilized to continue serving its customers,” lamented the company, based in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in a statement shared on September 27. As France Bleu points out, however, part of the activity of the crystal factory is reduced without it being known at the moment if this has an impact on production.

The fact remains that data from the company, which has about 1,100 employees around the world, are currently unavailable. It is unknown whether to understand that files have been encrypted or if they are simply offline. “But nothing indicates at the moment that personal or confidential data of customers, employees or partners have been compromised”” assures the company.

Call for vigilance

The crystal factory explained to communicate about this computer hacking “for the sake of anticipation and prevention of potential risks”. “We are contacting most of our customers, partners and suppliers to call on them to be as vigilant as possible,” added the General manager, Maggie Henriquez. The company therefore calls on its customers and suppliers to report any suspicious messages that may have been sent in the wake of this intrusion.

In a classic way, Baccarat has called on external service providers to assess the damage, determine the information systems affected and prepare a gradual return to normal. In 2022, the Paris Prosecutor’s office had opened 611 investigations into cyber attacks, a figure slightly higher than that (602) in 2021.

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