This swivel-end cable charges various mobile devices, from Android to iPhone

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This swivel-end cable charges various mobile devices, from Android to iPhone

Magic 180 Cable Pro from Raycon; Raycon/ZDNET

Cables are part of our digital life, and if you’re like me, you probably have too many of them at home. Even if I will never be able to settle for just one cable, it will still be convenient for me to have one in my bag that can be used for everything.

And that’s what the Magic 180 Cable Pro by Raycon (a name synonymous with high-quality headphones at a low price) promises to achieve.

An original charging cable

Indeed, it is an original charging cable.

Here we have a super robust and abrasion-resistant silicone cord with a length of two meters. And one end of which is equipped with a USB-C connector and the other with a swivel magnetic connector, on which you can attach different tips.

You have three different tips: USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB.

Connectors are all high-quality.

The connectors are all of high quality. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

However, the connectors with magnetic rupture have a disadvantage

You also have a USB-C to USB-A converter at the other end of the cable, which makes it possible to use it for practically any combination.

These tips are attached to the cable using magnets, and I am a big fan of cables with magnetic connectors.

I like them not only because I can swap the ends, but also because the magnetic connector acts as a safety that prevents me from dropping my laptop or smartphone on the floor if I stupidly trip over the cord.

The neodymium magnets hold the ends in place when you need them, but release them before the cable drags the device to the ground. I can’t say how many times this magnetic system has saved me from paying expensive repair bills.

However, the connectors with magnetic rupture have a drawback: They can come off in an untimely manner.

That’s where the pivot comes in.

This possibility of rotation allows the connector to rotate 180 degrees without bending the cable, straining the connector or causing the breakage of the breakable tip. I had some doubts initially about the swivel, but it is very soft, has no impact on the performance of the cable and can take 100 W of power, which is enough to charge modern laptops.

The 180-degree swivel, swinging!

The 180 degree rotation! Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

I was surprised that it could endure so much energy, but I tested it and it works perfectly at this power level and for long periods of time.

The swivel end is equipped with a green LED that lights up when the cable is charging a device. It is only present on one side of the cable: which is a good compromise, because, if you don’t want to be blinded by the LED, you can turn it upside down.

An LED indicates that the device is charging… but only on one side. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The Magic 180 Cable Pro is sold at a very reasonable price of € 30. It’s a surprisingly versatile cable, and the swivel end is actually a useful feature rather than a lame gimmick.

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