We tested… the games of the Oculus Touch, the new controllers of the virtual reality headset

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The new controllers of the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset developed by Facebook, are released on Tuesday, December 6th. Called Oculus Touch, they are now compatible with fifty-three games, some new, others simply updated to fully exploit these new features. Pixels was able to test seven of them.

Read our test: We tested the Oculus Touch, the controllers of Facebook’s virtual reality headset

The essentials

“I Expect You To Die”, goofy and brilliant. SCHELLGAMES

I Expect You To Die

What is it? You are a secret agent, in charge of getting out of a series of perilous situations, guided by your sense of resourcefulness and a voice-over with a so British accent.

The opinion of Pixels. Without a doubt the best surprise of this selection, and possibly one of the best games of the year. It is a series of closed doors: the player is sitting aboard a car, an underwater capsule, or standing on a tile scrubber pod. With the mission, in short, to get out alive. For this, he can only rely on the tools at his immediate disposal: cigar, knife, soda can, or deliciously retro gadget will soon be diverted from their original use to solve completely crazy puzzles. Brilliant.

Enigmas, 25 euros, 13 years and older.

“Superhot”, super-stylized, super-funny, super-immersive. SUPERHOT TEAM


What is it? The Rift Superhot is not a variation of the episode already existing on PC but a brand new game. The principle, however, remains unchanged: an ultra-stylized shooter where time only runs out when the player is on the move.

The opinion of Pixels. Each painting lasts only a few seconds, and is considered at least as much as a syncopated sketch from a Die Hard action movie as an enigma. Because if the attack is the best defense, it is also necessary to know how to quickly assess the threat – and the ways to disarm it. While playing with the temporal slow-motion effects that evoke, jumble, Matrix or Max Payne. Superhot, super-funny, super-immersive, and totally joyful: it feels like it.

Shooting game, 25 euros, 17 years and older.

The recommendables

The robots of The robots of “Robo Recall” are nervous and annoying. EPIC GAMES

Robo Recall

What is it? Scheduled for 2017, Robo Recall is a shooting game against nervous and annoying robots.

The World

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The opinion of Pixels. The first level we were able to try our hand at hints at a shooting game that is more enjoyable than its disembodied artistic direction suggested, where the exchanges of fire and the muscular hand-to-hand combat finally prove to be quite pleasant. You have to have mimed an action movie hero carelessly reaching for his shotgun strapped to his back to understand the evocative power of such a title. The logical (and graphically stunning) evolution of the Virtua Cop and other House of the Dead of the 1990s.

Shooting game, price unknown, recommended age unknown.

“Kingspray Graffiti” is a kind of “Paint” in natural decorations. INFECTIOUS APE

Kingspray Graffiti

What is it? Abandoned terraces, dilapidated walls and paint cans, of all imaginable colors.

The opinion of Pixels. Kingspray Graffiti does not really have a playful objective. It is rather a kind of “paint” in natural decor. Very easy to take in hand, it allows everyone and without the slightest ounce of talent to think of themselves as a “Banksy of the sandboxes” in a few minutes. Contemplative, relaxing, rewarding, Kingspray Graffiti alone proves that the future of virtual reality may be more in creation than in video games.

Street art, 15 euros, 13 years and older.

Without much interest

“Medium” allows you to sculpt in 3D, but is intended especially for a niche audience. OCULUS


What is it? A 3D sculpting software for talented and patient players.

The opinion of Pixels. Medium is initially as abstruse as Kingspray Graffiti and obvious to take in hand. We draw shapes in the air, which we can then paint, sculpt, move, provided we strip ourselves of its strange interface. Not frankly mainstream, it is intended for a niche which, between the requirements of the title, the price of the Oculus Rift and that of its accessories, is beginning to be singularly reduced.

Sculpture, 30 euros, 13 years and older.

“VR Sports Challenge” gives the impression of a series of uninteresting mini-games. SANZARU GAMES, INC.

VR Sports Challenge

What is it? Nothing. Run away.

The opinion of Pixels. VR Sports Challenge would allow you to experience basketball and American football competitions from the only first box that matters: the field. In truth, we don’t have the impression of playing a game for a single moment, but only of playing a series of uninteresting mini-games. With its incessant changes of camera angle, VR Sports Challenge succeeds, in addition, the feat of being the only Oculus Touch game to have almost made us sick.

Sport, 30 euros (offered with the Oculus Touch), 13 years and older.

“The Unspoken” does not succeed in convincing. INSOMNIAC GAMES

The Unspoken

What is it? A multiplayer shooter full of magic.

The opinion of Pixels. If there is one area in which virtual reality excels, it is contemplation. If there is one to which she is completely alien, it is the competition. Who wants, with a helmet harnessed to the skull, to jump from pylon to pylon, and unleash, with great strokes of sudden gestures, complex powers against an opponent who does the same? Not us, and believe us, neither will you. The Unspoken is too complicated, too nervous, for a medium, the Oculus, which encourages simple devices and visceral experiences.

Multiplayer shooter, 30 euros (offered with the Oculus Touch), 13 years and older.

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