What are the most used social networks?

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If there is one thing for sure on social networks, it is that the offer has never been so wide and the users so numerous. Each generation finds its happiness there with very varied uses: information, entertainment, creativity … Even if gradually “new” names are becoming more and more important, it is always the same ones that remain in mind.

By comparing the latest reports from the platforms on their number of users, the SocialMediaToday website shows that finally our attention is turned to a small handful of applications. Facebook inst3 billion), YouTube (2.5 billion), Instagram (2 billion) and WhatsApp (2 billion) occupy the top of the general ranking.

What about TikTok, then? Although widely used by the younger generations, there is still a long way to go for the Chinese giant with its 1.5 billion users. No worries, however, the application is progressing very quickly and can quickly join the leading quartet. Behind, we obviously find Messenger (1.3 billion users), Snapchat (750 million) which is seeing its figures decline, X (550 million) which, conversely, is regaining strength and Pinterest (465 million).

The big absentee of the data is LinkedIn, since the site only communicates on its number of members and not its active users. What a shame! The same goes for Threads and its supposed 100 million members in record time. We can interpret this as being curiosity for a new application, but not yet for a real use.

No surprise

With the Meta ecosystem, Facebook remains the reference platform to which almost everyone connects daily, whether to keep in touch, get informed or entertain themselves. Regarding YouTube, the social network is progressing more and more and is gradually becoming an alternative to television. Finally, if we were to put Instagram and TikTok on the same plane, it’s mostly about having fun and looking for inspiration.

On the same model as Meta, X seeks to become omnipresent by integrating new features. But, it is difficult to take a place that has been occupied for many years. Also, if one application does the job well, why change or use two different ones? Although we spend more and more time on social networks, the days last only 24 hours and the available attention time therefore remains limited.

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