After dozens of tests of MagSafe wallets for iPhone, here is the only one to trust!

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After dozens of tests of MagSafe wallets for iPhone, here is the only one to trust!

I have tested dozens of magnetic wallets that fit on the back of iPhones on the MagSafe magnetic ring. And I was totally disappointed.

They are made cheaply, with seams that give way easily and weak and unnecessary magnets that end up floating on the back of the iPhone. So I have never used a holster in my daily life. Until today.

Satechi, manufacturer of all kinds of Apple accessories, from docking stations to hubs and chargers to charging cables, has released what I think is by far the best magnetic wallet for iPhone, the Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand (Magsafe compatible magnetic wallet Holder).

The characteristics of the Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

  • Can hold four cards
  • MagSafe Compatible
  • Support for NFC cards (front card slot)
  • Portrait/landscape support thanks to a 160-degree folding hinge
  • Premium scratch-resistant vegan leather
  • Identification window (for card)
  • Fine design
  • Available in four colors

What I appreciate the most about this wallet is its quality of manufacture. The materials look top quality, and workmanship is durable.

The magnets are also powerful, enough to lift an iPhone 14 Pro Max using the wallet. I’m not worried about this wallet coming off the iPhone, unless I want to separate them. I used a thick case which, according to me, in principle reduces the power of MagSafe connections, but yet I had no problems with this wallet.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

The magnetic connection helps to ensure that the wallet will not come off accidentally. Satechi/ZDNET

The possibility of carrying four cards is more than enough for me. Who carries more these days?

The ID card slot is also a good idea for driver’s licenses or other identification cards.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

The ID card slot is a nice touch. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

I like the way this wallet turns into a holder for the iPhone, which allows me to watch movies or make video calls while keeping my hands free. The hinge is very strong and once you open it to the desired angle, it stays in that position.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

A strong and well-designed hinge allows the wallet to also serve as a support. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The vegan leather, both soft and resistant, is elegant, and the seams and the finish of the wallet are incomparable.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

The fit and finish of this wallet are second to none! Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

This product has a high-end appearance, while being very functional.

The price? 50 €

The magnetic wallet holder from Satechi is exactly what I was looking for.

And at €50, the price is also fantastic. I have already hesitated to recommend a magnetic wallet for iPhone, but this one I recommend without hesitation.

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