Yves Bernaert takes over Atos and leaves Accenture

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Yves Bernaert takes over Atos and leaves Accenture

The Accenture and Atos groups have followed radically different trajectories. During its 2021 financial year, the consulting and technological services giant crossed the milestone of $ 50 billion in revenue.

It has continued its development ever since. On the other hand, Atos has gone through turbulence and embarked on a long restructuring process. In August, the division of its activities ended with the sale of the Tech Foundations activities (or even Unify to Mitel).

Yves Bernaert, a history of Accenture since 1992

However, there was still one stage missing in the reconstruction of Atos: the appointment of a new general staff. This has now been done through the arrival of a new general manager, Yves Bernaert.

In a press release, the Atos Group announces that the Board of Directors, meeting on October 3, 2023, has approved its decision and that Yves Bernaert’s assumption of office is effective today. His LinkedIn profile has not yet been updated.

The new CEO of Atos thus always appears as the CEO of Accenture Technology Europe. It is true that the manager has held positions within the company for a very long time. He joined Accenture in 1992.

For the past 9 years, and after positions in France and internationally within Accenture, Yves Bernaert has been managing the group’s European entity. And his record has caught the attention of the Atos Board of Directors.

“Under his leadership, Accenture Technology Europe has experienced double-digit growth by focusing on new digital technologies (Cloud, Data & AI and Security) with its teams and all the partners in the ecosystem,” emphasizes the Frenchman.

An experienced CEO to accelerate the turnaround and sell

To relaunch itself, Atos intends to rely on these major technological pillars. The “Board has chosen a leader with recognized skills in the technology and digital transformation industry,” justifies the group.

Yves Bernaert’s experience will be essential for him to “carry out the next steps of the transformation plan” and “accelerate the turnaround of activities”, his first mission as general manager.

The effective split, “he would then be exclusively in charge of developing the new Evident group.”Before that, Yves Bernaert and Chief financial officer Paul Saleh will lead the negotiations with EPEI for the takeover of Tech Foundations.

“I am convinced that we will face the important challenges that await us and succeed in the transformation undertaken to return to success,” says in particular the new CEO, who will be associated with Nurdine Bihmane, appointed deputy chief executive officer of Atos.

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