AI for Green: Accenta is filling up with 108 million euros

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AI for Green: Accenta is filling up with 108 million euros

AI, a lever for operational performance (93%) and economic (85%) for French managers. As far as its potential contribution to environmental issues is concerned, the enthusiasm is less obvious.

79% of French bosses have identified the potential of AI to meet these specific challenges. But taking advantage of it still takes effort. The hexagonal greentech Accenta was able to convince despite this skepticism.

Take care of the balance sheet of highly polluting consumption

The company founded in 2016 has raised 108 million euros from its historical investors Eren Group (sold to TotalEnergies in July 2023) and Serena, and now also from the Siloé Infrastructure fund managed by Crédit Mutuel Impact.

The startup’s specialty is the decarbonization of building heating and air conditioning. Why this target? Because thermal consumption alone represents “75% of the CO2 emissions generated by buildings during operation.”

To meet its ambitions, Accenta and its 150 employees are designing and marketing an energy infrastructure based on geostocking – thermal heating. The energy infrastructure is coupled to an artificial intelligence control system.

Thanks to its solutions (energy infrastructure, AI optimization and energy management services), greentech promises building operators (in renovation and construction) a reduction in consumption and carbon footprint up to 80% and 95%.

Dynamic and predictive control by AI

“The decarbonization of the building is a major issue, on which we must move faster. With energy costs now higher and volatile, real estate owners are all the more looking for solutions,” comments Benoît Herrmann, director of investments at Crédit Mutuel Impact.

Accenta uses artificial intelligence to propose a “predictive regulation” of equipment and their use. More concretely, the use and therefore the energy consumption are adjusted according to different parameters, such as occupancy and weather.

The dynamic management of the systems is based on AI algorithms whose function is to determine “the best time and the best operating regime of your energy systems to consume less.”

The benefits of IT for Green

Accenta has deployed its solution to companies and local authorities
such as AG2R, Eurovia, Fnac Darty, Icade, Prologis, Union Investment
or the city of Roubaix. The startup claims the equipment of more than 8
million square meters.

In April, during the DIMS / IT Paris 2023 conference, CNnum co-president Gilles Babinet emphasized the advantages of technologies for the environment. Real estate, transport, agriculture… he believed that digital technology, IT for Green, could improve the carbon footprint of all sectors, including construction.

“The average occupancy rate of an investment property is 23% (…) This is very concerning since construction is a very carbon-intensive activity. However, we note, especially in the Scandinavian countries, that with technology (…) we manage to increase this load rate and make multi-purpose buildings,” he illustrated.

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