Click & Collect, ERP and Cloud: KellyDeli cooks its transformation with Prodware

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Click & Collect, ERP and Cloud: KellyDeli cooks its transformation with Prodware

KellyDeli wants to be the creator of the concept of autonomous sushi kiosk – installed within supermarkets. This model now allows the Asian cuisine player to have more than 1,000 points of sale in 13 European countries.

Willingly claiming its role as an innovator, the company had, on the other hand, allowed its information system to accumulate delays in terms of modernization. KellyDeli has set about filling them in partnership with the French integrator Prodware.

Heterogeneous systems and manual operations

“Each business entity managed its activity on its own system and performed many manual tasks in Excel,” says the provider. This resulted in a multiplication of the risks of errors.

From a fragmented IT because it is composed of heterogeneous management systems, the company has therefore undertaken to migrate to a centralized and consolidated architecture. The previous model resulted in particular in a more complex follow-up of transactions and a loss of efficiency.

KellyDeli has structured its financial and logistics management around the same ERP presented as scalable, the functional scope gradually adapting to the “financial requirements of the group.”A cloud solution was adopted in this context (Microsoft Dynamics 365).

Priority to the cloud and centralization of data

“The priority was to set up a scalable platform in the cloud centralizing data in one place, thus putting an end to the difficulties encountered with the previous system,” emphasizes Prodware.

The unique ERP now allows KellyDeli to manage its existing and future sales networks (kiosks, franchises), and to be able to implement new distribution models (online and physical) satisfactory in terms of customer experience.

KellyDeli develops in particular the online sale through the Click & Collect. The new management platform, which will be deployed in all countries, must promote the industrialization of this distribution model in all its markets.

The ERP deployment carried out covers the entire business process: sales, purchasing, procurement and human resources. The tool is also based on “the exploitation of common data allowing KellyDeli to benefit from improved data management and streamlined operations.”

A tool integrated with Office applications

With Dynamics 365, the company has also paid particular attention to the interconnection with other Microsoft applications deployed internally, including Excel, Word, Outlook and Skype. The goal: “to allow users to optimize their productivity and easily take advantage of the synergy.”

To cover the needs of the logistics business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has been coupled with Supply Chain Management. Thanks to this digital project, KellyDeli has noticed an improvement in the monitoring of its finances.

Centralization and integration of data within the ERP are described as a way to accompany organizational changes and facilitate collaboration between the different departments.

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