Duet AI for Workspace: here’s everything you can do with Google’s new version of AI

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Duet AI is Google’s real-time AI collaborator that works with users in Workspace applications, including Slides, Meet, Gmail, Chat, etc. It can facilitate tedious daily tasks, such as reading large emails, creating slide presentations and even participating in meetings.

For example, a financial analyst could use Duet AI to create a last-minute presentation by asking Duet AI to summarize the company’s performance and produce a presentation by including text, graphics and images found in the analyst’s Drive and Gmail accounts, Google claims.

Duet AI will also facilitate workplace communications through special integrations in Google Meet and Google Chat. Here is the update on the news, application by application.

Google Meet, send the AI to participate in the meeting for you

Meetings provide a platform for collaboration, team-building activities, and workflow management. However, participation in unnecessary meetings can waste time.

Duet AI is here to help you by attending the meeting for you.

Thanks to the “Attend for Me” function, DuetAI can attend meetings on your behalf, deliver the message you would like to share, and then give you a summary of what you missed.

Duet AI can also take notes, note the steps to be taken and even record video sequences in real time thanks to the “Take Notes for Me” function. After the meeting, he sends a summary to the participants and to those who could not attend the meeting, but would like to stay informed.

If a user joins the meeting late, he can use the “summary so far” function to quickly catch up with the rest of his colleagues.

Duet AI will also help optimize the video experience of the call participants by offering them a studio look, lighting and sound, according to the release.

To facilitate the visibility and understanding of participants who join a video conference, Google is implementing dynamic tiles and face detections, which will give each participant a video tile with the name of the meeting.

Finally, Google Meet will now have “automatically translated subtitles” for 18 languages, that is, it will automatically detect when another language is spoken and display a translation in real time.

Google Chat, let the AI answer for you

To facilitate quick conversations on the go, Google Chat now has a new interface, new shortcuts, a new search and even a new “huddle in Chat” function, which allows quick and impromptu voice chats.

Users can also chat directly with Duet AI and “ask questions about your content, get a summary of documents shared in a space and catch up on missed conversations,” according to the statement.

To save you time when writing your messages, Google is improving its smart reply function to support the generation of longer personalized replies in Gmail and Duet AI.

Privacy, Google will not touch your data

The privacy and security of the company is a major concern when employees use generative AI in the company, especially since generative AI models often use input data to train and become smarter.

To ease these tensions, Google reassures professionals by telling them that interactions with Duet AI are private and will not be used to train models without the user’s permission.

Availability: now

These features of DuetAI are available as part of a free trial, which users can access by filling out this form. The form asks for the number of employees of the organization of the interested user, if he is a Google Workspace customer and his contact information.

Source: “ZDNet.com “

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