How much are you willing to pay for ad-free social networks?

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“On Saturday morning, Facebook will become paid. If you have at least 15 friends, send them this message. In this way, we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will turn blue and remain free. We talked about it today on the TF1 newspaper. Facebook will cost $0.01 per message. Send this message to 30 people. When you have done this, the light will turn blue (otherwise, Facebook will activate billing).”

Remember this kind of scam? Well, this time, we’re almost there! Faced with changes in European data privacy regulations, social platforms are studying new solutions; including a paid option to enjoy a feed without any advertising. Yes, you have to earn your crust!

By giving users the choice to share their data for advertising purposes and with the Digital Service Act, Meta fears a degradation of the user experience. Although it seems radical, a paid browsing would thus be the best alternative to benefit from an “optimal use”.

The right price?

Instagram Facebook Facebook, according to the Wall Street Journal, Meta is therefore planning an ad-free formula for Facebook at $ 14 per month, or $ 17 to combine Facebook and Instagram. The note is salty, but this one is based on Meta’s current revenues for its European users. Advertising exposure within the EU brings in an average of $17.88 per user per quarter.

Even if we take into account the monthly fees, the advertising shortfall, the development of its metaverse and the profitability of the process, the proposed rate remains high. Facebook Instagram Paying 200 dollars a year to no longer have advertising on Facebook and Instagram is expensive paid!

Although subscription offers seem to be gradually settling on social networks, it is difficult to imagine one day switching to all paid. Platforms prefer to leave a semblance of a choice between: an ad-free subscription system and free browsing where user data is used for advertising targeting.

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