How to permanently get rid of My AI on Snapchat?

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How to permanently get rid of My AI on Snapchat?

In February, Snapchat added its My AI chatbot, which works as an AI assistant for users. However, from the very beginning, My AI met with some resistance from users. This is also the case of my 14-year-old son, who saw this bot appear on his application, and immediately warned me that she was “swallowing” all her complaints. So if you’re like me or my son, here’s how to make the chatbot disappear for good.

This is a maneuver that is all the more interesting since the Snapchat chatbot does not have a real useful feature for the user. It appears while you are chatting with someone on Snapchat or stays at the top of your chat list without doing anything.

And despite the negative reactions from users, Snapchat still hasn’t deleted or disabled My AI. Instead, the company doubled down on the functionality by recently adding sponsored links to My AI responses in order to further monetize the chatbot.

1. Prevent My AI from watching your Snapchat Stories

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If you are scared by the concept of My AI, you will probably be more alarmed to discover that, by default, My AI can watch your Snapchat Stories.

Although Snapchat does not clearly indicate that My AI is watching your Stories, a toggle button in My AI’s privacy settings reveals that she can access them.

It is likely that she will have access to your stories to provide more tailored responses, as Snapchat clarifies: “The content shared with My AI, including your location if you shared it with Snapchat, will be used by My AI to provide relevant and useful answers to your requests, including recommendations for nearby places.”

To disable access to your stories, go to the Chats tab > Press and hold the My AI banner > Click on Privacy Settings > Disable “My Story”.

2. Delete your data from My AI

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My AI stores all your user data from your interactions with you until you delete it yourself. To delete this content, all you have to do is press the icon of the profile > scroll down to “Privacy Controls” > press “Clear data” > press “Clear my AI data”.

It is important to note that by taking these measures, Snapchat will only delete data from your past conversations with My AI, but this does not include data from other interactions with My AI.

“By selecting confirm, the data from your past conversations with My AI will be deleted from our systems, but this will not include visible or saved content, including when you have @mentioned My AI in other conversations,” Snapchat explains.

To delete the data of any conversation you have had with My AI, you will need to delete the conversation with the user where My AI was mentioned by long pressing on the individual conversation.

3. Permanently delete My AI by purchasing a SnapChat+subscription

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Snapchat seems to know how much users hate My AI and decided to take advantage of it. Currently, the only way to pin or delete My AI is to be a Snapchat+ member.

This membership costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year and offers users exclusive features including experimental features, custom app icons, chat wallpapers, custom story expirations and much more.

If you opt for this solution, the permanent deletion of My AI is simple and is no more complicated than the deletion of any other chat. All you have to do is keep My AI in Chat > Tap on “Chat Settings” > Tap on “Delete from Chat Thread”.

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