iPhone 12: Apple has 15 days to comply with French law

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iPhone 12: Apple has 15 days to comply with French law

It’s called cutting the grass underfoot. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) took advantage, this Wednesday evening, of the high media coverage of Apple’s keynote to announce the ban on the sale of the iPhone 12. While the press release had obviously been ready since September 6, it was sent to the heart of the firm’s conference at Apple while it presented its latest addition, the iPhone 15.

This withdrawal of the iPhone 12 from the French market is due to an exceedance of the limit of the specific absorption rate (DAS). Launched on October 13, 2020, this smartphone model emits electromagnetic waves that are too powerful, higher than the limit values absorbed by the human body and set by the Council of the European Union.

As part of its mission to control public exposure to electromagnetic waves, the ANFR regularly carries out checks on mobile phones placed on the French market and ensures that these devices comply with regulations.

It was during a check of 141 smartphones that the iPhone 12 was flashed in excess of speed. He has obviously exceeded the thresholds of this DAS. That is subdivided into DAS “head”, DAS “trunk” and DAS “limb” according to whether it is measured, respectively, phone by ear (2 Watts per kilogram (W/kg), slipped into a jacket pocket or in a bag (2 W/kg), held in the hand or worn in an armband (4 W/kg).

What about refurbished iPhone 12s?

Concretely, ” Apple must immediately take all measures aimed at preventing the affected phones present in the supply chain from being made available on the market. “Sworn agents of the ANFR will verify that the iPhone 12 is no longer offered for sale in the various distribution channels.

Prohibition respected. The smartphone is no longer for sale on Apple’s website this Wednesday, September 13, nor – obviously – on other merchant sites. A fairly limited effort, the iPhone 12 will soon be released from the catalog, pushed towards the release by the iPhone 15. Platforms that sell refurbished smartphones, on the other hand, will take longer to comply.

A simple iOS update

The injunction also concerns phones that have already been sold. « The ANFR urges Apple to implement all available means to quickly remedy this malfunction” The American giant must” take corrective measures as soon as possible to make the affected phones compliant. ” Failing that, it will be up to Apple to recall the copies already sold. »

The maneuver takes a more political turn when Jean-Noël Barrot speaks in The Parisian. « I am ready to order the recall of the iPhone 12s in circulation “, advances the minister delegate in charge of digital technology. He reminds that a simple software update (iOS) is enough. « The American company has fifteen days to comply”.

For the minister, the French decision could snowball throughout Europe. Jean-Noël Barrot indicates that the ANFR will transmit the information collected on the iPhone 12 to all Member States.

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