Real-time Ubuntu now available on AWS Marketplace

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Real-time Ubuntu now available on AWS Marketplace

Canonical launched Real-time Ubuntu in February 2023. It is an ideal operating system for rapid prototyping. Since then, customers have been demanding a cloud-based version of the operating system, and the company has just fulfilled their expectation.

According to Edoardo Barbieri, product Manager at Canonical, “Canonical’s Real-time Ubuntu marks a significant advance in the field of “software defined vehicles”, by facilitating development and deployment”. He continues: “With the registration on AWS Marketplace, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now structure their software defined vehicle strategies based on reliable and secure open-source solutions in the cloud.”

Real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS uses the PREEMPT_RT patches from the project maintained by the Linux Foundation. This fix reduces latency times to allow the execution of tasks that are predictable over time by using a priority scheduler and other real-time mechanisms to achieve preemption.

A BONE for connected cars

Real-time Ubuntu on AWS Marketplace offers:

  • Ultra-low latency
  • 10 years of maintenance from the release date
  • The critical and high-security CVE patches of the kernel are automatically applied at runtime without the need to restart.
  • Optimized kernel boot speed and exceptional execution performance.

  • The images are updated daily to ensure the application of the most recent security patches.

Anthony Wong, co-founder and DT of MooVita, said about Real-time Ubuntu: “We have been using Real-time Ubuntu since the beta version was released. Everything works as expected and meets our strict latency requirements from day one. We are therefore delighted that Real-time Ubuntu is listed on AWS Marketplace. He continues: “As an intelligent mobility solutions company, we are faced with the challenge of constant software maintenance via updates and security vulnerability fixes. By taking advantage of Real-time Ubuntu, we can focus on application development and meet consumer needs while limiting costs.”

Real time is gaining popularity in all sectors

Given the dependence of companies around the world on data now, real-time processing is becoming a necessity to remain competitive. The same applies to computers that control control systems, servers in edge computing mode, robots and even drones. These systems require real-time kernel capabilities to be able to process data as quickly as possible. With Real-time Ubuntu, this is not only possible, but also reliable and cost-effective ensures Canonical.

On AWS Marketplace, the price of Real-time Ubuntu is about $0.072/hour. However, you can use the cost estimator that can be found on the official Ubuntu real-time list on AWS Marketplace. If your business needs the processing power of a real-time kernel, Ubuntu real-time might just be the ideal option.

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