iPhone 15 overheating: Apple releases a fix

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iPhone 15 overheating: Apple releases a fix

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Have you fallen for one of the new iPhone 15 and you have the impression that it is overheating? You will be relieved to learn that the problem is not of a material nature, and that there is now a solution.

After numerous user testimonials reporting that their iPhone was overheating – some exceeding 37.5 ° C, making these devices too hot to hold – Apple had announced earlier this week an upcoming fix, the problem being due to a bug in iOS 17 according to the company.

iOS 17.0.3 is available

Thing promised, thing due: this Wednesday, Apple released a patch, iOS 17.0.3. A software update that “should” prevent the iPhone 15 from heating up so much, according to the company.

“This update brings important fixes and security-related improvements and resolves an issue leading the iPhone to heat up more than expected,” read the release notes.

Apple also specifies that this latest version of iOS 17 contains security patches concerning a kernel vulnerability that could allow an attacker to obtain an elevation of privileges.

Thus, even if there is no guarantee that the update will solve your overheating problem, it is therefore important to install it as soon as possible, to benefit from the latest security patches, necessary to ensure the protection of your iPhone.

How to update to iOS 17.0.3?

To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software update and click on Download and install under the presentation of iOS 17.0.3.

Given the speed of Apple to publish this update, we can estimate that the company has identified the root of the overheating problem of the iPhone 15 Pro and with it the solution. Response after installing the update.

Source: ZDNet.com

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