Mk2 cinemas open a room dedicated to virtual reality

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Failing to be a world premiere, this is a first in France for a large cinema operating group. On December 9th, the Mk2 cinemas are to inaugurate their first room dedicated to virtual reality, Mk2 VR, within the multiplex of the Mk2 Library in Paris. It is “a new concept of a place of culture and entertainment that will be punctuated all year round by the programming of exclusives and previews”, specifies the group in a statement.

The programming will offer films, documentaries, video games and other experiences. The place will allow you to try your hand at the main headsets in the sector, such as the HTC Vive, the PS VR of the PlayStation 4, or the Oculus Rift of Facebook, as well as “full body immersive” simulators (virtual reality experience with full body movements). Other Mk2 VR are expected to follow, but no additional details have been given.

An independent and permanent virtual reality cinema has already existed in Paris since spring, the PickUp VR Cinema. Others have opened in other European cities, such as The VR Cinema in Amsterdam at the beginning of the year, which planned to launch in Paris as well.

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