OVHcloud aligns itself with the race for AI with Nvidia GPUs

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OVHcloud aligns itself with the race for AI with Nvidia GPUs

Scaleway, a subsidiary of Xavier Niel’s Iliad group, announced this week its ambition to become a European AI champion. He will certainly not be the only one who wants to rise to this rank. OVHcloud also plans to move to the center of the chessboard.

At the moment, a lever is strategic for cloud providers to play a key role in the artificial intelligence market: having enough GPUs. And the one who makes the rain or shine in this sector is Nvidia.

GPUs at the service of an AI strategic vision

Unsurprisingly, the American technology giant is at the top of OVHcloud’s latest announcement, “member of the NVIDIA Partner Network.”The Frenchman is expanding his portfolio of AI solutions thanks to new graphics processors.

For the company, this novelty contributes “to its strategic vision for artificial intelligence.”The goal of OVHcloud is not to design models, but to provide the computing resources essential for their development.

The supplier will therefore offer the latest generations of Nvidia GPUs, “up to the NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs H100 and A100” These resources are particularly coveted currently for generative AI projects and LLM specialization.

The actual deployment of OVH’s new GPU offerings based on NVIDIA H100, NVIDIA A100, NVIDIA L40S and NVIDIA L4 processors is scheduled for the next few weeks – without further details at this stage.

Infrastructure, a key competitive factor

The older generation NVIDIA V100 and V100S GPUs remain available. OVH also announces the immediate availability of new A100 80 GB instances. They are more specifically intended for deep learning training and inference.

For advanced AI use cases, and in particular the most demanding AI models (LLM and generative AI application creation), OVH is equipping instances equipped with H100 GPUs – capable of a computing power of 26 petaFLOPS (FP64) per GPU in PCIe.

“For the most elaborate use cases, in particular in terms of fine-tuning or training, the Group will propose solutions based on the NVIDIA H100 SXM,” says the French clouder, forced by the competition to invest heavily.

“With a unique AI infrastructure that takes advantage of our expertise and the most sought-after GPUs, we offer world-class performance with all the advantages of the cloud,” says Michel Paulin, OVHcloud’s Managing Director.

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