players can now train without a ball or pitch thanks to virtual reality

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PSG, Manchester United, Liverpool FC … Some of the biggest football clubs but also federations are among the partners of Rezzil, a start-up that has developed a virtual reality application that allows you to train like a pro, without a ball or pitch!

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In this period of pandemicpandemia, between confinement and curfew, amateur footballers are the ones left out of the sport. Only professionals are allowed to train, others can only run since any gathering is prohibited. But here may be the dream applicationapplication to wait and keep fit.

Developed in Great Britain, where football was born, the Rezzil Player 21 application presents itself as the perfect training supplement for the modern footballer, from amateur to professional level, boy or girl, presenting a range of training exercises in virtual reality to analyze physical, physical and technical abilities, compare them and advance its users!

Games, exercises, targets…

While many “indoor” sports complexes are still closed to practice for amateurs, “Rezzil Player 21” stands out as a real alternative to continue “working” at home, or to help a recovering player to get back in shape, provided you have a large enough room to avoid the stupid domestic accident.accident…

Among the proposed exercises, based on the principle of repetition, speed of execution and reaction, we find the classic, namely the strike and targets to aim for which bring more or less points, but also the “Rondo”, traditionally known as “Toro” in France, for accuracy and speed of passes. An add-on, released a month ago, offers the “Color Combos”, an exercise encouraging the user to use the different surfaces of his feet to return balloons, according to the colors that appear and corresponding to the different areas of the foot.

Big clubs as partners

For the application to work, it will therefore be necessary to equip yourself with a VR headset (compatible only with Steam’s Valve Index and HTC’s Vive) but also with a “Vive-tracker”, a sensor placed at the ankle or basketball level, which will allow you to inform your position and collect data to inform you about your technical, physical level and incidentally help you progress! Another imperative: a powerful configuration since it is recommended to have a computer equipped with 16 GB of RAM and an Intel Core I7 processor.

Intriguing at first glance, the device seems to have already conquered the world of professional football since, not content with counting the former Manchester City player Vincent Kompany among its main investors, the application has developed partnerships with institutions such as Nike, Adidas, the French and Italian football federations, the English Premier League and more precisely clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool or PSG, which benefit from all the expertise of “Rezzil”, through the collection of real-time data and more in-depth post-match analysis. Case to follow!

A complete demo of the application with a footballer in his living room, and what he sees inside the helmet. © Rezzil

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