Recap of the week! ACVR N°79

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Youtube ACVR N°79

As every week, it’s time to take a look at the latest technological and immersive news. So we make a condensed overview in a 10 n of minutes. Named “A Coeur OuVR” (ACVR N ° 79), this one aims to be effective for those who do not necessarily have time to delve into the details. It also makes it possible to popularize a world that can sometimes be complicated for newcomers.

It overlaps some of the articles available on the site and a number of additions. The news that we did not have time to process in writing. But also last-minute additions, or sometimes even last-second additions before the video is uploaded.

The recap also offers you each week an intermission in free subject according to the moods of the moment. We also come back at the end of the video on a question from the community. This one will have been asked in the Youtube comments of the previous show. The question is chosen according to its relevance, and its general interest for the greatest number. Sometimes too, depending on the subjectivity of our moods. But also, the ease of answering it without it being too long for the viewer.

If you like the format and would like to see it live and evolve, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and a thumbs up. On the one hand for SEO, but also because any constructive criticism is good to take. Even when it is not always to our advantage. The show is first and foremost made for you!

Finally, we will thank all those who support us on the Youtube channel through the “join” function. Hoping to be able to win you new game keys in a dedicated video as soon as possible. Thank you again to you.

Good viewing of the ACVR N°79 :

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