SMEs and freelancers, create images with AI without worrying about copyright thanks to iStock

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SMEs and freelancers, create images with AI without worrying about copyright thanks to iStock

Picture: iStock.

Getty has just announced a new image generator based on artificial intelligence, Generative AI by iStock, which creates images whose use is commercially authorized, for example in marketing materials, on social networks or in online advertisements.

This new offer targets more specifically SMEs and marketing and design professionals, while the company has already announced a similar service a few months ago.

The question of copyright

Among the main concerns raised by the rise of generative AI, there is that of copyright. Especially among the AI image generators, including Dall-E 3, which have been formed from large quantities of images, regardless of their copyright or copyright status.

Thus, these ais can be led to create images similar to works protected by copyright, or at least to copy a legally protected artistic style.

Taking the problem head on, companies like Adobe, and now Getty, have decided to create AI image generators using their own licensed image libraries. Thus, these images created by AI can be used legally, in the same way as the images offered in their databases.

AI to assist the creation

“Thanks to AI, creative professionals can produce anything they imagine. Our own VisualGPS study shows that 42% of SMEs are already using AI-generated content for their marketing,” emphasizes Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer of iStock.

“Our AI image generator is easy to use, it produces relevant and high-quality visuals, and it benefits from our legal protection. Our customers can therefore now use this new service in complete safety, in combination with our extensive image library, in order to improve their work. »

The tool was formed by exploiting part of Nvidia Picasso, a model for generative AI specialized in visual design. The model used for iStock’s generative AI is trained on proprietary data from Getty Images image libraries.

“An easy and affordable option”

In order to benefit from the service, iStock users will have to pay $13.99 to be able to generate 100 images. Each “credit” corresponds to a request, that is to say that you will be able to submit 100 requests to the AI, which will offer you four corresponding images each time. You will then be able to choose to upload one or more images among the proposals.

“With Generative AI by iStock, our main goal is to offer our clients an easy and affordable option to use AI in their creative process without fear of including a legally copyrighted work in their work,” says Grant Farhall.

Images created using iStock’s generative AI are not reintegrated into its creative library, and therefore cannot be downloaded by other users. In addition, each image generated is accompanied by a legal coverage that can go up to 10,000 dollars.


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