The ambitious Hubris VR aims for a release sometime in the fall – News

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Science fiction lovers equipped with a VR headset have been very lonely since the release of the excellent Lone Echo II in October last year. Rest assured, the Belgian developers of Cyborn are working hard on a title that may have some chance to titillate them. His name : Hubris VR. He will offer us a one-way ticket to the distant system of the Twin Planets, in the skin of a blue-eyed girl in training on behalf of the dreaded Order of Objectivity (surely detractors of the video game press). There, our first task will be to go in search of a mysterious agent named Cyanha, supported by a colleague, the pilot Lucia.

Action-adventure game in a world full of dangers, Hubris VR promises to put our climbing, swimming, shooting and pilot talents to the test by multiplying the adventures. And if it does not promise to reinvent the genre or to introduce in a completely new way to interact with a virtual reality world, it must be recognized for a very advantageous feature that should require a war machine configuration to be displayed in peace. The official website of the game however mentions an Oculus version and it is hard to see how Meta’s headset would be able to faithfully spin such a slick title. A PS VR version is also planned, so we imagine that the game will run on PS5 with the new generation of Sony branded headsets. In short, a rather tempting program for which we will have to wait until this fall

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