The new Microsoft Teams is here! What’s up?

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The new Microsoft Teams is here! What's up?

If your company uses Microsoft Teams as its communication platform, you know that Teams has become the cornerstone of daily interactions, including calls, messages, calendars and more.

Microsoft Teams is the collaborative tool developed by Microsoft for corporate teams and which makes it easy to communicate. Allied to Microsoft 365, it allows you to work together on current projects.

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  • Release date : 07/10/2023
  • Author : Microsoft Corporation
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  • Operating system : Android – Linux – Online service – 32-bit Windows – XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 – Windows 64-bit – XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad – macOS

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced that after months of waiting, the new Microsoft Teams application for Windows and Mac is available.

As initially promised, the new Teams application uses up to 50% less memory and disk space by making Edge WebView2 the new host of the application. The new Teams application is therefore much faster than the previous version.

Significant performance improvement

Mac users can benefit from a significant performance improvement, with the ability to switch between chats faster and have a faster scrolling experience.

The user interface of the new version of Teams is simplified and customizable, which allows users to better control the interface and complete more tasks in fewer clicks.

Other features of the interface include :

  • The ability to “mark everything as read” in chats or channels
  • A more efficient integration of keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for color sensitivity
  • Light and dark themes that adapt to the mode of your operating system

Merger / acquisition: a function of multi-tenant organizations

The new version of Teams also includes a multi-tenant organizations (MTO) feature, which allows organizations that have multiple tenants (which usually happens after mergers and acquisitions) to have a more transparent experience when collaborating with colleagues in other MTO groups.

The most interesting application of the new version of Teams is that it will serve as the basis for AI experiments like Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant.

With Copilot in Teams, users will be able to get summaries, actions and decisions generated by AI based on their Teams conversations, as well as get help during video calls by asking Copilot to summarize the key points of the discussion. However, for compliance problems with the DMA, Copilot is currently not available in Europe, and therefore in France.

Access to the new Teams will be simple since users of classic Teams will be automatically upgraded to the new Teams in the coming months, according to Microsoft.

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