this accessory creates holograms in the palm of your hand

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At CES 2021, Ikin is demonstrating a holographic system designed for smartphones. The RYZ projects the videos coming from the phone. It is then possible to manipulate the hologram, even in daylight. Whether for photos, games or even health professionals, this case could make it possible to democratize the use of holograms in our daily lives.

What if you had a hologram in the palm of your hand? This is the slightly crazy idea of Taylor Scott, 28, the creator of Ikin, a company that will demonstrate at CES 2021 an amazing holographic system. Amazing because everything happens in the smartphone, and this could obviously completely change the game since his idea is to democratize the hologram and make it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

The idea is to create an accessory, the RYZ, which transforms any video projected by the smartphone into a hologram. In his demonstration, a wasp buzzes between the fingers of the iPhone owner, while another visual shows a person posting real estate ads, or a vehicle following the route of a GPS application. Everything on the screen is projected in 3D, and the real novelty is that it works in daylight. So you don’t have to be in the dark to see the hologram.

A case to attach to your smartphone

So far, all holographic systems require being in the dark, as is the case with virtual concerts with holograms of deceased singers. This time, whether it is an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the hologram works under normal conditionsnormal conditions. The firm patented a special lens made of polymerpolymer and, by digging through the patents filed recently, we discovered the sketches of this housing, which takes up the principles of pico-projectors for smartphones.

The description evokes “a projector coupled to the housing by a first hinge element”, and “a reflective element coupled to the projector by a second hinge element”. The whole thing is hooked to the smartphone, the reflective element is oriented so as to reflect the lightlight coming from the images in order to create holographic images perceptible to the user of the smartphone.

Give life to games, videoconferences, images…

Even better, the housing can integrate a transparent transparent touch screen attached to the first hinge element. This is what would make it possible to manipulate the projected object, and it is what will encourage developers to create games and applications taking advantage of this innovation. We can, for example, scroll through our vacation photos, and manipulate them such as enlarging or rotating them.

Another application envisaged: videoconferencing, with the idea of seeing your interlocutors in front of you: “There are a lot of applications outside of games, said an executive to USA Today. The multi-screen functionality, the interaction with social media, we are really going to take advantage of this whole ecosystem”. For now, no price has been advanced, and we just know that this case should be released in the second half of 2021.

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