This gadget mutes your voice for those around you

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A Japanese company has the solution for all those who raise their voice a little too much when playing online games or using virtual reality and annoy their family or neighbors. The Mutalk is placed on the mouth and makes it possible to attenuate the sound of the voice, while facilitating audio communications.

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It will no longer be necessary to whisper during his nocturnal nocturnal games. The Japanese company Shiftall has just opened pre-orders for its latest accessory, the Mutalk. It is a gadget containing a microphone and which is placed on the mouth. It thus reduces the noise of your voice for those around you, while eliminating any background noise for calls or online communications.

Shiftall specializes in accessories for virtual reality, and this can be seen in the design of this very particular gadget. The Mutalk looks like a VR headset, except that it is placed on the mouth. The device uses the principle of resonancehelm Holtz resonance to passively muffle noise. It makes it possible to reduce the volumevolume by 20 decibelsdecibels, or even 30 decibels in the frequency range 1,600 to 2,000 hertzhertz.

A microphone with background noise reduction

The built-in microphone connects via Bluetooth or Jack, and therefore works with all smartphones and computers. It benefits from the same noise reduction, but this time in the opposite direction. In a very noisy environment, it is able to pick up the wearer’s voice without the background noise. However, Shiftall indicates that nasal sounds can be distorted.

The Mutalk is highlighted as a solution for virtual reality so as not to disturb your family or neighbors when chatting in the metaverse. However, the manufacturer indicates other uses much more varied such as conference calls in quiet offices, or to protect his privacy in a cafe. According to Shiftall, the noise reduction is sufficient so that a person sitting next to it cannot hear what is being said. However, it is rather difficult to imagine wearing such a device in public…

The Mutalk has an autonomy of eight hours. The device is priced at 19,900 yen, or about 137 euros, and shipments should start in November or December.

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