Meta unveils its highly anticipated virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro

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Last night was Meta Connect 2022, Facebook’s keynote dedicated to virtual reality and the metaverse. The firm has announced its long-awaited new headset dedicated to professionals: the Meta Quest Pro.

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To access the future Facebook metaversmetavers, which has become Meta, you will need adapted virtual (or augmented) reality equipment. Two years after the launch of the Meta Quest 2, a very affordable consumer headset, the firm has just launched its long-awaited Meta Quest Pro for companies, also known as “Project Cambria”.

This new helmet is already changing by its external appearance. The battery is now placed at the back, in order to better distribute the weight and improve comfort. The Quest Pro is also thinner than the Quest 2, thanks to the new pancake lenses that replace the Fresnel lenses and increase the contrast by 75%. Another detail, the helmet does not have a complete facial interface, like all other helmets, in order to leave peripheral vision free. However, Meta provides two magnetic covers that make it possible to block the lightlight.

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Pre-orders already open

The device integrates the new processor Snapdragon XR2+ processor, which promises 40% more performance compared to the Snapdragon XR2 of the Quest 2. The definition remains approximately the same, with 1,800 x 1,920 pixelspixels per eye. However, Meta uses two separate LCD panels, which makes it possible to improve the adjustment of the pupil gap, which ranges from 55 to 75 mm (compared to 58 to 68 on the Quest 2). The tracking cameras are now in colorcolor, which paves the way for augmented and mixed reality applications.

The controllers have also been revised. Meta has improved the haptic feedback, but especially the tracking thanks to the addition of cameras. It will therefore now be necessary to pay 349 euros for a pair of controllers, i.e. the old price of the Meta Quest 2 (before a recent increase of 100 euros). Of course, who says “Pro”, says high price. Where the Meta Quest 2 started at only 349 euros, you will have to pay 1,799 euros for the Meta Quest Pro, which is five times the price. Pre-orders are already open and the first deliveries are scheduled for October 25th.

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