Why train in no code development for the start of the new school year?

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Why train in no code development for the start of the new school year?

What is no code development?

The no code refers to a computer development technique that dispenses with classical programming. As the name suggests, it is no longer based on computer codes, but on different tools available to a wide audience. In other words, it makes it possible to give life to applications and computer programs with a minimum of knowledge of programming languages. Software and platforms are therefore made available to you to allow you to automate certain tasks, manage customer relationships, refine your showcase site, etc. This is particularly the case of Google Forms which acts as a no code online form or Bubble which allows you to develop a website.

Note that no code development is a branch of computer science. However, deepening the concepts of coding offers you more perspectives. You should know that computer codes remain the basis for the creation of a website, an application, a video game, etc.

Are you considering a professional retraining in digital and more specifically in IT? Why not turn to online training? Not only does online training offer great flexibility by allowing a better reconciliation between professional and personal life, but it can also provide you with the necessary tools to start in the world of “no code”, while offering you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and orient yourself, if desired, towards learning traditional coding.

Why train in no code?

The main objective of the no code is to facilitate the use of computer programs as well as the task management process. This is a good way to develop your own computer tools for the start of the new school year. No code development thus generates a productivity gain as well as a time saving. This is valid both for a novice who wants to use a computer program and for a technician looking for better results. Moreover, the other advantage of the no code lies in the cost. You should know that it allows you to do without certain technical skills and therefore developer. It is therefore interesting if you are short on budget.

How to train yourself in no code?

Although it is not programming per se, no code development requires computer knowledge. This notion can therefore be integrated into any curriculum focused on computer development. It is up to you to choose a path (Python application development, web application development, etc.). As a developer, it is also possible to follow a short training course to acquire other specializations. Moreover, training organizations such as Studi give you the opportunity to train entirely online.

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