1More SonoFlow SEAudio Test: for a good price, this headset has a very good autonomy

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1More SonoFlow SEAudio Test: for a good price, this headset has a very good autonomy

A good headset can cost you hundreds of euros, if you want to have noise cancellation (ANC), sophisticated audio modes, a long-lasting battery, etc. But let’s be honest. Many people are not willing to spend as much money on a device as they use… only a few hours a day.

The 1More SonoFlow SE differs from its predecessor, the 1More SonoFlow, in several ways, reducing audio quality, noise reduction efficiency and other stylistic features in favor of a more affordable price.

The key points of the 1More SonoFlow SE Headphones

  • The 1More SonoFlow headphones produces a wireless listening experience
    frills, with an emphasis on sound quality, comfort and
    the battery life.

  • At a price of €60, the SonoFlow SE headphones are equipped with a battery
    70-hour marathon, which makes it possible to listen all day for a
    low price.

  • You will not benefit from noise reduction technology
    of quality, and the physical control buttons may not
    suit some.

Is it possible to find a good helmet for less than 60 euros? I think so, but we should moderate our expectations. Here’s how the 1More Sonoflow SE turned out during two weeks of testing.

The sound quality of the Sonoflow SE is excellent, but more precisely it depends on the listening volume. For example, when I listened to Suspended from Sampha to low volume in the subway, the sound was hollow and not very rich.

The ANC is not effective in noisy environments

The most subtle notes of the song were not fully restored at a low or medium volume, because the low frequencies were not highlighted. However, you get a beautiful and robust sound at higher volume levels, thanks to the 40 mm dynamic drivers.

By listening Only from Sampha to a higher volume, the complexity of the artist’s voice became more imposed, the bass became deeper, and the voices and instruments in the background flickered.

I have tried the headphones in different environments, from quiet offices and break rooms to noisy subway cars, and I found that the active noise cancellation (ANC) was not effective in noisy environments.

70 hours of playback

In the subway, where the ideal would be to attenuate the noise of the machines, I could hear almost all the sounds on the outside of my headphones when noise cancellation was activated, and manipulating the ANC button produced only negligible results.

The Sonoflow SE headset is light and very comfortable, but its build quality is not as good as that of the more expensive models. I wore these headphones for a whole working day, without feeling any fatigue in the head, neck or ears.

With more than 70 hours of playback, the battery life is long and, if you need to recharge your battery, five minutes is enough to get five hours of playback. When you turn on the headphones, a voice announces the battery status, which is useful if you don’t want to access the smartphone application to get statistics on battery life. I wore these headphones to the office, and it took me a few long days of work before the battery went down to 50%.

1More SonoFlow SE headphones on tan background

Nina Raemont/ZDNET

Do not record with the microphone

The buttons for turning the headset on or off are difficult to handle, since they are all located next to each other. And instead of a button for pausing and playing audio, you need to press the power button. It took me a while to get used to it.

I found that you have to press the power button for three seconds to turn on the headphones and up to six seconds to turn them off. I happened to accidentally leave the headphones on for longer than I wanted because of this counterintuitive process, which had the effect of draining the battery.

I recorded myself to test the capabilities of the microphone. When I listened to the recording again, I got a slightly muffled and metallic sound. I would not recommend this headset if you plan to participate in many voice calls or Zoom meetings. But for comfort and listening to music at a reasonable price, the SonoFlow headphones do the trick.

ZDNET’s buying tips for the 1More SonoFlow SE headphones

The 1More SonoFlow SE headphones are the solution for all those who are looking for a correct and affordable pair of headphones. If you are looking for a very economical headset that delivers exceptional sound and has a long battery life, the 1More Sonoflow SE is for you. But don’t forget that for €60, you will get your money’s worth.

If you want to benefit from powerful noise reduction functions at an affordable price, these headphones will not suit you. The ANC is not up to par and your listening may be disturbed in noisy environments. I think this headset can be a great office tool if you don’t want your expensive headset to leave the house.

But if you want a comfortable headset with a battery life of several days, the 1More SonoFlow headset deserves to be considered.

Source: “ZDNet.com “

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