Because of the Apple Vision Pro, Samsung is delaying the release of its headphones

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Samsung is working on a new mixed reality headset, but the project could take a while because of the Vision Pro. Would Apple’s headset scare its eternal rival?

Apple made its mark in June on the occasion of WWDC 2023. The highlight of this event will not have been iOS 17 or the first 15-inch MacBook Air, but the officialization of the Vision Pro. The mixed reality headset, which has been talked about for many years, marks a turning point in Apple’s history. The arrival of the brand at the Apple is obviously not trivial and if we have to wait until 2024 (or 2025 in France) to discover the Vision Pro, the competition reacts. Mark Zuckerberg, present on segment and ambitious with his metaverse, did not fail to react to Apple’s presentation.

At the beginning of the year, Samsung had taken the lead by evoking its return to the extended reality market (augmented, virtual and mixed). The South Korean giant then teamed up with Qualcomm and Google to develop what it considers to be “the XR experiences of the future”. The rapprochement aims to counter Apple and its new headphones, but the officialization of the Vision Pro disrupts Samsung’s plans. According to the South Korean media SBS Biz Samsung is still working on its own interpretation of the Vision Pro. Nevertheless, the launch could take some time and Apple’s headset is directly responsible.

When Apple delays Samsung’s plans

Indeed, Samsung would have informed its partners of a delay in the mass production of its headphones. The firm has reportedly decided to rethink its product following the announcement of the Vision Pro last month. Until now, the manufacturer had hoped to launch production of its mixed reality headset early next year. “My understanding is that the decision was made taking into account the characteristics of its competitor, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset,” the report reads. The brand would have shifted its project by one to two quarters compared to the initial forecasts. Samsung’s headset would therefore not arrive around February 2024, but rather in the middle of next year.

For the moment, no information has filtered concerning the characteristics of the Samsung headset. Rumors evoke the desire to offer screens with even greater definition than those of the Vision Pro. The South Korean group would work with the Chinese firm BOE to develop its future product. The partnership with Qualcomm will make it possible to offer a Snapdragon chip, which is a common solution on many headsets. Finally, Google and Samsung are working on the development of a dedicated operating system.

For its part, Samsung can rely on its experience in the field of VR headsets. In the past, the brand has distinguished itself with projects such as the Gear VR or the Odyssey+. Like others, these products probably arrived on the market too early when the uses were not yet there. The presence of Apple could change the way we look at these futuristic devices. Nevertheless, we remain far from a consumer product since the Vision Pro will cost $ 3,499. Samsung may have the opportunity to surprise by offering a more affordable headset.

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