Coros: limited edition Apex 2 Pro “Chamonix”, and an update for August 2023

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Coros: Apex 2 Pro limited Edition

Coros occasionally markets special versions for its GPS sports watches. In the run-up to the emblematic UTMB event (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc), Coros is offering a special series of 3,000 pieces, at the same price of €499 as the standard watch.

Along with this new limited edition, Coros announced a new firmware version in August 2023 for all its current watches, with features such as customization of watch faces, turn-by-turn navigation, training sessions for trail running, easy route sharing, and much more.

Apex 2 Pro Chamonix Edition

The new edition of the Coros Apex 2 Pro uses the same hardware as the classic version, with a new look. The watch is equipped with a 1.3-inch sapphire screen and a titanium dial. These are material characteristics that are usually found on watches whose price is almost twice as high. The battery life is impressive: 75 hours in GPS use and 30 days in standard daily use.

The Chamonix edition presents Alpine-inspired colors, an ode to Mont Blanc with blue and gray colors on the dial, the case, the buttons and the back. A comfortable blue nylon strap is provided and ensures a secure fit for accurate heart rate tracking.


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As for trail running, the watch provides nutritional alerts, sun movements, thunderstorm alerts, altitude tracking and a night mode for mountain hikes. The rolling digital dial allows you to zoom in and out on the maps, while the touch screen can be used to slide the map with your finger.

Coros Firmware update August 2023

If you have a Coros Vertix 2, Apex 2 or Apex 2 Pro, the update is available now. Owners of Apex Pro, Vertix 1 and Pace 2 will receive the update from August 28th. All features, with the exception of turn-by-turn navigation, will be available to all owners of these watches.

The new turn-by-turn navigation feature is available in beta with about 500 places available for those who fill out the form to join the beta version. This beta version should last from three to six months.


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The main updates are as follows:

  • Personalized watch face : You can now select a personal photo or another favorite image as your wallpaper, then add one of the digital or analog widgets to create a completely personalized look for your Coros watch.
  • Training for trail running : You can now design personalized training plans and include the Trail Run mode. This new function allows you to set altitude goals for your trail run.
  • Watermark image sharing : Many people like to share their workouts with other people. Thanks to this new function, you can add text overlays such as distance traveled, badges earned and personal best statistics.
  • Syncing Strava notes : Once Strava is connected to your Coros account, downloading the unique Coros data into your activity notes is supported.

  • Favorite locations : On the Explore page, you can create favorite places and use them when creating new routes. You can also name these places to help you identify them when you create itineraries.

Other updates and some fixes are included in this update, so check out the Coros update page for all the details. Don’t forget to bookmark the Coros Stories website to get all the latest information on updates and many other articles that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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