The best GoPro accessory… it’s not the one you’re thinking of

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The best GoPro accessory... it's not the one you're thinking of

The GoPro USB Pass-Through Door Cover

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

One of the main reasons to choose a GoPro over a competing action camera is the huge ecosystem of its accessories. Whatever you can imagine to associate with a GoPro probably already exists!

There are grips and lighting and much more.

Although my favorite accessory may seem rather bland, it has allowed me to do so many things with my GoPro!

It is simply a replacement battery cover, but with a little something extra. It solves one of the biggest weaknesses of the GoPro. Its reduced autonomy.

Indeed, this cover allows you to power the GoPro using USB-C rather than the battery.

The GoPro USB pass-through door replaces the default cover, it has a USB-C port at the bottom. Thus, we can power the GoPro from an external source, such as a charger or a “power bank” (autonomous battery of large capacity), which considerably extends the autonomy of the camera.

The kit is also supplied with a 1.37m USB-C cable. For more flexibility, I use another, longer cable, measuring 1.8 m. This length allows me to reach a charger or a remote battery, and the flexibility of the cable means that I can pass it through windows or car doors (which is convenient because I can keep the power source out of the elements).

Are you worried that this cover will let water and dirt into your camera? Remember that this is an original GoPro accessory and that it has the same weather and dirt protection as the original cover. The USB-C port is weatherproof. Be careful, weatherproof, but not waterproof: so do not immerse the camera.

This cover is suitable for GoPro HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black cameras, as well as the latest HERO11 Black.

Top view of the USB battery door (top) and the original battery door below

Battery compartment cover with the hole for a USB socket (at the top) and original battery compartment cover

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Note that the internal battery will not charge while the GoPro is recording, even when plugged into the USB-C socket.

The cover is also equipped with a wedge that prevents the cable from being removed from the port.

The cable clamp on the lid prevents the cable from being accidentally detached.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

There is a practical side benefit to using this GoPro USB pass-through door cover to power the GoPro at night or in bad weather. The external power supply heats up the camera, which means that the water or moisture that accumulates on the lens evaporates quickly.

Close-up on the passage door of the USB-C port.

The GoPro USB pass-through door adds a seal to the GoPro’s USB-C port.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

This GoPro USB pass-through door cover costs 20 and is currently only available from GoPro.


Are there any alternatives to this GoPro USB pass-through door? Yes.

Here is one of the best covers with a passage for a USB-C cable, this one from Telesin. The latter is even designed to prevent rain and snow from entering the device.

There are others that don’t have a gasket at all, but I find that applying adhesive sealant around the cable connector after plugging it in works quite well. I have been doing this for years and I have not had any problems with rainwater penetration or moisture. However, keep in mind that you should not submerge your GoPro with anything other than the cover.

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