This contact lens displays notifications on your eye

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InWith announces the first soft contact lenses capable of displaying information directly on the eye. They can also correct the eyesight.

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Displaying information on glasses in augmented reality, this has been around for a long time with Google Glass, MicrosoftMicrosoft HoloLens or the latest Facebook Ray-Ban. Doing the same on contact lensescontact lenses still remains very rare. There are some fairly successful attempts, such as that of the American company Mojo Vision, but adventurers in this sector are rare. At CES 2022, Mojo Vision also presented its lens concept again, but these are rigid.

Still on the side of CES 2022, to find a flexible model of electronic contact lens, it was necessary to go to InWith Corporation. According to the arguments of its designer, these soft lenses are almost magical. The extensible and flexible electronic circuits are integrated into the hydrogel lenses.

They correct presbyopia

In addition to displaying the contents of a mobilemobile in augmented reality in front of the eye to orient oneself or visualize data, these lenses could also correct presbyopia. Come again? By adapting to the environment as with progressive glasses. They could also improve myopia. And for InWith, it is not a simple concept. The company expects to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDAFDA) this year, which means that the lenses could actually be used to correct eyesight. For InWith, the longer-term objective would be to propose, with these lenses, a smooth transition to the metavers.

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