This new RAM will boost all smartphones and metavers

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Samsung has unveiled its LPDDR5X DRAM chip, a random access memory that offers a 33% performance gain and a 20% decrease in consumption. It is intended for the next generation of smartphones, as well as artificial intelligence applications and virtual and augmented reality headsets.

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Samsung has just announced the launch of its LPDDR5X RAM, the Low Power DDR used in particular in smartphones and tablettestablets. The manufacturer is the first to release LPDDR5X modules since the announcement of the standard this summer.

These new chips, engraved in 14 nanometresnanometers, have a capacity of 2 gigabytes and can be combined in packages of 64 gigabytes for the most greedy devices. The LPDDR5X memory has a bandwidth of 8.5 gigabits per second (Gbps), a speed gain of almost 33% compared to LPDDR5 (6.4 Gbps). It also benefits from a 20% reduction in consumption compared to the previous generation, and should thus improve the autonomy of mobile devices.

A memory also used for VR headsets, servers and cars

To promote its new product, the Korean firm does not hesitate to highlight the other growing markets for this kind of memory, starting with artificial intelligence, in serversservers and autonomous carsautonomous cars. SamsungSamsung also mentions the metaverse, since autonomous virtual or augmented reality headsets use LPDDR.

Industry specialists believe that Samsung could include this new memory in its next Galaxy S22 smartphone. According to some rumors, the firm could announce the new mobile as early as February 2022. It remains to be seen whether such a schedule is plausible with the current shortage of semi-semiconductors…

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