Apple: Low-cost MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks?

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Apple: Low-cost MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks?

Apple’s MacBooks are famous for being high-end laptops. Which makes them inaccessible for many buyers. On the contrary, it is thanks to their affordable price that Chromebooks have become so popular. And Apple would take this into account and consider launching a line of inexpensive MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks.

According to the DigiTimes, the new MacBooks would be made with different materials from those of the MacBook Pro and Air ranges. They would be built with more affordable mechanical components, although they would still use a metal case to maintain the aesthetics of the MacBook.

There are already many laptops running Windows that are very affordable. And different levels of range in the Chromebooks family. But this is a market that Apple has not yet taken advantage of.

The cheapest MacBook starts at 1200 euros

If Apple decides to launch its low-cost MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks, it could also attract other buyers outside the Apple ecosystem. At the moment, the cheapest MacBook starts at 1200 euros. This is a lot for many buyers. Especially when we know that the cheapest of the Chromebooks is trading at less than € 200.

However, there is no indication that these new MacBooks are already in production. DigiTimes sources speculate that the launch date could be at the end of 2024. Why? Because Apple’s suppliers, Quanta Computer and Foxconn, show no signs of overactivity for now.

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