Job center alert on an act of cyber-malevolence and a data theft

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Job center alert on an act of cyber-malevolence and a data theft

Is this the consequence of a computer hacking? And if so, of what nature? Pôle emploi does not expand at this stage on the technical details related to what is qualified as “an act of cyber-malevolence.”

The cybersecurity event does not concern the integrity of the agency’s IT system, but that of one of its service providers. In his press release, his identity is not specified. In Paris, however, Pôle emploi indicates that it is Majorel.

Up to 10 million enrollees affected?

The company intervenes in the digitization and processing of documents transmitted by job seekers. Through an act of cyber-malice, a third party has therefore stolen personal data.

“The first and last names and the social security number are concerned by this malicious act. On the other hand, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, passwords and bank details are not affected by this leak,” Pôle emploi informs.

Who is concerned? Potentially, these are job seekers registered in February 2022 and former users of Pôle emploi. Without further elaboration. In total, 10 million registrants could be affected by data theft.

The administration assures that there is no risk on compensation and support for the unemployed, nor on access to their personal space on the site . The stolen data could however be exploited for targeted phishing attacks.

Investigation to identify the origin of the attack

As a result, “Pôle emploi advises job seekers to remain vigilant against any type of approach or proposal that could appear fraudulent.”

Investigations are underway at the service provider to find out the origin of the cybersecurity incident. In accordance with the GDPR, Pôle emploi indicates that it has notified the Cnil of the personal data breach. A complaint will also be filed.

“All the teams of Pôle emploi and its service provider are mobilized on the security of the data entrusted by job seekers and companies. This is a constant concern of Pôle emploi, which will continue to strengthen its protection measures, procedures and instructions, with regard to this type of event,” concludes Pôle emploi.

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